Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Defends Ilhan Omar: ‘Give Her a Break’


Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera defended Rep. Ilhan Omar in wake of her most recent controversy surrounding remarks she made about 9/11.

It all happened on Friday on The Five.

Host Jesse Watters started off by panning Omar and insisting the freshman Congressman never “acknowledges what she says once she’s attacked. She says you’re only attacking me because of my identity not [because of] what I actually said…She just does not have the talent, I don’t think, to stand in the ring and fight.”

Rivera, though, did not think that was quite fair.

“This is not whining…This is an existential threat. She’s getting death threats on a daily basis,” Rivera said before noting Omar does not have the “glibness” and the language of a veteran yet to properly speak of a tragedy like 9/11.

Rivera added: “This is beginning to sound a lot like when my first presidential election, 1960 Kennedy being attacked because he was Catholic and they said he’s going to have allegiance to Rome rather than to the United States. I smell the same stink here.”

Watters wasn’t buying it.

“A white, straight, male Christian freshman Democrat Congressman. You don’t think the Republicans would be running up the score on something like that?” Watters asked.

“Let her learn on the job,” Rivera responded. “Give her a break.”

Rivera’s comments, by the way, came on the same day as Trump posted this:

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