Jesse Watters

Fox News’ The Five Clashes Over Ivanka Emails: ‘Not the Same’ as Clinton!

The Five‘s Jesse Watters: Criticizing Caravan Isn’t Racist, Mexicans Are Doing It Too

Jesse Watters on Models Trump is Accused of Sexually Harassing: ‘He Gave Those Women a Lot of Opportunities!’

Jesse Watters Concedes He Would Have Been Apoplectic if Obama Skipped Arlington on Veterans Day

Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Jim Acosta Thinks He’s the ‘Rosa Parks of The Press Corps’

Fox News’ The Five Criticizes Jim Acosta Over Trump Presser: ‘Hostile to the President’

Fox News Host Jesse Watters Accuses Media of ‘Hoping’ Trump’s Son ‘Gets Raped’

Jesse Watters: No One Blamed Obama For ‘Anti-Police Rhetoric’ When Cops Were Executed Under Him

Fox’s Jesse Watters Erupts on Juan Williams For Defending Migrant Caravan: Are You Calling Sara Carter a Liar?!

Convicted Ex-Trump Advisor George Papadopoulos Reportedly Hopes Fox News Will Get Him Back in Game

Jesse Watters Asks Eric Trump: Does Rosie O’Donnell Work for You?

Jesse Watters Defends Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Remark: The Left Applauded Ivanka Being Called the C-Word

Jesse Watters Blasts CNN Host for Banning the Word ‘Mob’

Fox News’ Juan Williams on Trump-Kanye Meeting: When Obama Met With Rappers, ‘The Right Wing Went Nuts!’

Jesse Watters Argues Charlottesville Attack, Pizzagate Shooting ‘Different’ From Attacks on GOP Lawmakers

WATCH: Fox Nation Announces Wild Show Line-Up, Starring Tomi, Hannity, Jesse Watters and… Mark Furhman!

Fox News’ The Five Clashes Over Trump Going After Christine Ford: ‘That Was Not Mocking’

Fox News’ The Five Slams NYT Over Corrected Nikki Haley Report: ‘Intentionally Misleading’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld Tear Into Obama: He’s Guilty of Everything He Accused Trump of

Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Sessions ‘Never Should Have Recused, He Bowed to the Pressure of the Swamp’

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