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Juan Williams Battles Co-Hosts Over Trump: He Deserves ’Lifetime Achievement Award for Fake News’

Jesse Watters Knocks Media Reaction to Trump’s Health: Sounded ‘Disappointed’

Why is The Media Still Asking if President Donald Trump is Racist?

CNN Piles on Jesse Watters for Defending ‘Sh*thole’ Comments: ‘An Indictment of the Trump Base’

Jesse Watters Defends Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comments: ‘He Was Talking About Third World Countries’

Watters and Gutfeld Blast Pelosi Over ‘Five White Guys’ Remark: Dems ‘Allowed to be Racist’

Jesse Watters Holds Own ‘Fake News Awards’ Featuring NBC, Carl Bernstein, Mika

Jesse Watters Knocks CNN for Coverage of Wolff Book: ‘That’s Fake News’

Jesse Watters Calls Out Kurt Eichenwald On Air For Watching ‘Tentacle Porn’

‘Kathy Griffin’ Joined Jesse Watters for Fox’s New Years Eve Show

Jesse Watters: ‘It Seems Like Mueller’s Basically The Democrat Candidate For President’

Ari Melber Goes On a Tear Against Jesse Watters for Suggesting Anti-Trump ‘Coup’

Fox News’ MediaBuzz Briefly Addresses That Jesse Watters ‘Coup’ Hype

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Suggests We May Have Anti-Trump ‘Coup on Our Hands in America’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Sides With Sarah Sanders on Media Errors: It’s Not ‘Honest Mistakes’

Jesse Watters Rips FBI Over Agent Booted from Mueller Probe: Looking ‘As Crooked as Hillary’

Laura Ingraham: Democrats Want Illegal Immigration to ‘Replace White Conservatives’

Juan Williams Battles Fox Co-Hosts: Trump Finds ‘Political Value’ in Going After People of Color

Watch Jesse Watters Interview a 9-Year-Old Trump Supporter For No Reason

Jesse Watters: Because Franken/Conyers Are Dems, Media Won’t Make Dems Go On Record About Them

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