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Jesse Watters to Richard Painter: You ‘Don’t Know the Truth’ Like Fox News

Jesse Watters on Trump Winning Nobel Peace Prize: Would Be ‘A Nice Trophy to Shove in The Left’s Face’

Jesse Watters: ‘I Don’t Think Trump’s a Liar, I Just Think He’s a Boaster’

Fox News’ Gutfeld: Avenatti ‘Doesn’t Give a Crap About What Will Happen to America If He Succeeds’

Hannity Makes Bold Declaration After Kanye West’s Tweets: ‘It is a New Political Landscape in America’

Jesse Watters Praises Kanye After Trump Tweets: ‘He’s Shattering the Paradigm of Us Against Them’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Kanye West is a ‘Modern-Day Philosopher’

Watch Jesse Watters, Anthony Scaramucci Admit They’re Both ‘Very Biased’ for Trump

Ex-Clinton Adviser Philipe Reines Mocks Seb Gorka For Getting Fired From Trump Admin

Fox News’ Jesse Watters: James Comey Sounds Like an Emotional ‘Schoolgirl’

NYT’s Dean Baquet: ‘Harmful’ for Trump to Attack the Press While Boosting Jesse Watters as ‘Serious Journalism’

Trump Praises Fox News’ Jesse Watters For Slamming Hillary Clinton Investigation: ‘So True Jesse!’

The Five Rips Clinton for Fox News Dig: ‘We’ve Run Out of Things to Say About Her’

Jesse Watters Interviews Ex-Trump Aide Carter Page: ‘This Entire Escapade Has Embarrassed the Country’

Jesse Watters: David Hogg ‘Started Off as This Balanced Nice Kid,’ Now He’s a ‘Bomb-Thrower’

Trump Supporters Diamond and Silk Slam Joe Biden: ‘He Didn’t Have the Guts to Run’ For President

Jesse Watters: Trump Got a ‘Huge Defeat’ on Spending Bill, ‘No Way to Spin It’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Why Isn’t Jeff Sessions Going After the Leaking ‘Backstabbers’?

Jesse Watters Takes On Hillary Clinton’s Health: She’s ‘Acted a Little Erratic in The Past’

Watch The Hosts of Fox News’ The Five Dismiss Waterboarding, Call Torture Victims ‘Wimps’ and ‘Crybabies’

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