Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters on Papadopoulos Guilty Plea: ‘Hillary Did Ten Times Worse’

Jesse Watters: ‘You Know When a Scandal Is Real When the Left Blames Fox News’

Greg Gutfeld Tears Into Jeff Flake for Anti-Trump Speech: ‘Screw You!’

Jesse Watters Reads Text Sent Mid-Show From His Mom: ‘WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT!!!!???’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Says Obama Was ‘The NRA’s Greatest Salesman’

Trevor Noah Hits Fox News: Since Vegas Shooter ‘Didn’t Fit’ Their Narrative, ‘They Couldn’t Politicize It’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Swipes at Kneeling NFL Players While Praising Law Enforcement in Vegas

Jesse Watters Takes Issue With Trump Tax Speech: We Don’t Want ‘Obama’s 3rd Term’

Jesse Watters: ‘Only Time the Left Defends Football Is When People Disrespect the Country’

Jesse Watters Jokingly Compares Tomi Lahren’s Rants to Lawrence O’Donnell Freakout

Dana Perino: Paul Manafort is ‘Staring Down the Barrel of a Gun’

Jesse Watters on Trump-Bashing Emmys: Hollywood May Be ‘Setting Up a Reelection Victory’

Jesse Watters on Bourdain’s Poisoning Trump Joke: Wanting to Hurt POTUS Is a ‘Job Requirement’ at CNN

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Lumps Together Joy Reid, CNN and ISIS: ‘Not Good Things to Be in The Trump Era’

Jesse Watters Tells Jemele Hill to Stop Talking Politics Because ‘White Men’ Are ‘Her Core Base’

Fox News’ Lisa Boothe Rips Trump: Not The Art of the Deal, It Was The Art of the Giveaway

Jesse Watters on Comey’s Clinton Probe: ‘The FBI Should Change Its Motto to I’m With Her’

Kimberly Guilfoyle is Convinced That Hillary Clinton is Using Book Tour For Possible 2020 Run

Jesse Watters Slams Trump For Not Proposing ‘Reaganesque’ Tax Cuts: It’s ‘Not The Government’s Money!’

Jesse Watters Apologizes Profusely After Falling For Fake Harvey Shark Photo

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