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Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Praises Himself For Dumb Quote Mocked in Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer-Winning Album

Geraldo Rivera Praises Trump for Syria Strikes: No ‘Wag the Dog Vibe’

Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt Asks if Syrian Military Strikes Could Knock Comey Out of the News Cycle

Fox News’ Kilmeade: Only Appropriate Reason For FBI to Raid Cohen’s Office Is If He Was Part of ISIS

Geraldo Rivera: FBI Raid on Michael Cohen’s Office ‘Bad News’ for Trump

Bill Maher, Geraldo Rivera Battle Over Fox News: You Used to Fight The Spin, ‘Now You Are The Spin!’

‘Trump Hurt Trump Yesterday’: Fox & Friends Hosts Clash Over President’s Immigration Claims

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera: ‘I Think That This Whole Immigrant Crisis Is Manufactured’

Geraldo Rivera Slams Laura Ingraham, Fox News Scolds Him, Rivera Reverses

Geraldo Compares Stormy Daniels to Al Capone’s Vault: ‘Lot of Hype, Delivered Nothing’

Geraldo Rivera Defends Fox News on The View, Blasts Rival Networks For Stormy Daniels Coverage

The View Grills Geraldo Rivera Over Whether Javanka Can Bring Peace to Mid East: ‘They’re Over Their Head’

The View Presses Geraldo Rivera on Defenses of Matt Lauer, Trump: ‘They Did Terrible Things Geraldo!’

Geraldo Opens Up About His Pal Bill O’Reilly to Howard Stern: ‘The Guy Never Had a Good Date’

Who Will Be The Next Cable News Talking Head to Join The Trump Administration?

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Knocks CNN Over Karen McDougal Interview: Becoming ‘Skinemax for Ratings’

Geraldo Rivera Sounds Off On Bombings While Reporting in Austin, TX: ‘This is Terrorism’

Geraldo Defends Hannity in Shepard Smith Feud: Sean’s ‘Breaking More Legit News’ Than NYT, WaPo

Geraldo Fawns Over Ivanka After Selfie: ‘She’s So Noble and She’s So Efficient and So Effective’

Geraldo Defends Jared & Ivanka After Meeting: White House a ‘Nest of Snitches, Vipers & Rats’

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