Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera Says CNN is ‘At War’ With Trump in Interview With Dan Abrams: They’re ‘Ripping His Throat Out’

Dan Abrams Calls Out Geraldo Rivera For MAGA Bomber Conspiracy: ‘What Are You Doing??’

The View Clashes With Geraldo Rivera on Trump, Bomb Scares: ‘You’re Being Intellectually Dishonest’

Geraldo Rivera Takes Back Comments ‘Conjuring False Flag Operation’ on Bombs: I ‘Outsmarted Myself’

Geraldo Rivera Thinks Bomb Scare Was ‘Giant Elaborate Hoax’: ‘Are These Real Bombs?!’

Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Erupts on Hannity Over Migrant Caravan: ‘What Are You Gonna Shoot ’em, Sean?’

Geraldo Rivera: Liberals Are ‘Flailing Around’ Trying to Combat Trump and His ‘Flamboyant Nature’

Geraldo Rivera: ‘Women’s Right to Choose vs. Pro-Life Movement Was Decided’ Yesterday

Geraldo on Kavanaugh Hearing: ‘What We Just Witnessed Was an Attempted Coup’ by Democrats

Trump Complains to Geraldo Rivera He Didn’t Get ‘Thank You’ For Puerto Rico Storm Response

Trump Touts Geraldo Comments on Puerto Rico Death Toll: ‘70% of the Power Was Out Before the Storm!’

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera on Alex Jones: ‘Hang Him By the Balls’

Geraldo Rivera: Cindy McCain Should Be Appointed to Fill John McCain’s Senate Seat

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Criticizes Network for Immigration ‘Spin’ on Mollie Tibbetts Murder

Geraldo Rivera Shreds Dan Patrick’s ‘Jingo Rhetoric’ After Being Called An ‘Accomplice’ in Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder

Geraldo Bashes ‘Friend’ Trump For ‘Intemperate, Boorish’ Slams on Omarosa: ‘Open to Ugly Connotation’

Geraldo Rivera: U.S. Needs Border Wall ‘Psychologically’ Because ‘We’re Scared’ Demographics Are Changing

Geraldo Rivera Clashes With Fox & Friends: ‘ICE Has to Be Reformulated’

Geraldo Rivera: Fox & Friends Was ‘Too Slow’ to Speak About ‘Hideous Nature’ of Trump’s Migrant Policy

Geraldo Rivera Calls For Melania’s Chief of Staff to Be Fired Over Jacket Snafu

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