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Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera: Trump Was ‘Deeply Affected by His Visit’ With Shooting Survivors

Trump Reportedly Dined with Geraldo Rivera Before Tweetstorm Lashing Out Over Russia

Geraldo Rivera Defends Trump on Military Parade: Not About ‘Need to Show His Is Bigger’

Geraldo is Actually Not Far Off When He Says Nixon Would Have Survived With Hannity Around

Geraldo to Hannity: Nixon Wouldn’t ‘Have Been Forced to Resign’ If You Were In Media Then

Geraldo Rivera to Trump: ‘I Love You Like a Brother,’ But Please Apologize for ‘Sh*thole’ Remarks

Geraldo Rivera Goes On a Tear Against Michael Wolff on Trump Claim: ‘This Is a Patent Lie!’

Geraldo Rivera Defends Trump Against Questions of Mental Fitness: ‘Slander, Low-Down and Dirty’

Geraldo Rivera Slaughters ‘Traitor’ Bannon: ‘This Scum, How Dare He!’

Geraldo Rivera Apologizes For Tweets on Matt Lauer: ‘I Didn’t Sufficiently Explain’ Myself

FLASHBACK: Bette Midler Once Accused Geraldo Rivera of Groping

Fox News Condemns Geraldo’s Controversial Matt Lauer Tweetstorm: ‘Troubled By His Comments’

Geraldo Rivera Slammed on Twitter for ‘News is a Flirty Business’ Defense of Matt Lauer

Geraldo Rivera on Trump’s Time Mag Tweet: Why Does POTUS Keep Picking ‘Meaningless’ Fights?

Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera Defend Hannity from ‘Despicable’ Media Matters

Pamela Geller to Geraldo Rivera: Why Should I ‘Pat on the Back’ Muslims Who Don’t Want to Kill Me?

Geraldo Rivera Defends Trump from Negative Coverage: Nothing He Does Gets ‘Benefit of the Doubt’

Trump Says He Is ‘Just Very Proud’ of Death Count in Puerto Rico

Geraldo Criticizes Trump’s Response to Puerto Rico: ‘This Isn’t the Time for Blame’

Sean Hannity’s Defense of the Trump Tax Cuts? Rich People Will Buy Boats (Seriously)

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