‘I Truly Hope the President Is Watching’: CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Speaks With Survivor of a Syria Chemical Attack


On CNN this afternoon, Brooke Baldwin featured a guest who survived a Syrian gas attack in 2013.

Kassem Eid survived what he called a “judgement day,” where over 1400 people died. Baldwin allowed him to tell his harrowing story to give viewers a sense of the horrors of what happened in the attack yesterday.

Baldwin then did something interesting. She made an on-air reference to the well-known fact that President Trump is a cable news junkie who is often watching — and tweeting along with — Fox News and CNN. And instead of speaking directly to the audience (which is, you know, her job), she spoke straight to the president himself.

After Eid pleaded for leaders to oust Bashar al-Assad and not make the same mistakes Barack Obama did, Baldwin said, “This is one of those times that I truly hope the president is watching cable news and hears your pleas. Of all people who would know … I just thank you so much for your bravery, your strength, and your words. Thank you.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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