Joe Scarborough Suggests John Bolton Sabotaged North Korea Summit By Touting ‘Libya Model’


Joe Scarborough thinks that the cancellation of President Trump‘s denuclearization summit with Kim Jong Un comes back to national security adviser John Bolton.

For weeks, Bolton has recommended the Libya model as a possible approach to North Korea’s disarmament. It is possible the rogue regime took notice of this, as before the meeting was cancelled, they threatened to pull out of negotiations by saying their nuclear weapons are off the table.

Now that the summit’s off, Scarborough is pinning Bolton’s public statements because Kim Jong Un might have noted that the Libya model didn’t work out so well for former leader of the country, Muammar Gaddafi.

“I’m finding this new, strange affection in my heart for John Bolton,” Scarborough said, “who really deep-six’d this summit himself by continuing to talk about ‘the Libya model.'”

“Why wouldn’t North Korea like the Libya model?” Scarborough asked. “Because Gaddafi gave up his WMD program, and then we killed him.”

“I really do think Bolton started throwing that out there to make the North Koreans go ‘wait a second, the only reason the Americans haven’t invaded us today is because we have nuclear weapons. Now they want us to denuclearize?'”

From there, Scarborough went back and forth with Jeremy Bash as they discussed what the development could me to the future of North Korea’s impact on the world.

Scarborough made sure to note in the segment that “everybody in the administration tells us [Trump] watches this show every day.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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