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Morning Joe Slams Trump’s 60 Minutes Hit: Came Off as ‘Big Baby’; ‘Ill-Equipped and Unfit to Lead’

Joe Scarborough on US Reaction to Missing Journalist: ‘Sad and Pathetic’ Trump is ‘All About Money’

Joe Scarborough: Kavanaugh Hearings ‘Were A Disaster for the Democratic Party’

Joe Scarborough: ‘If My Theory Holds, Donald Trump Won’t Seek Reelection’

Scarborough Ravages Trump: Saudis ‘Made Such a Fool of Him; Played Him Like a Dolt’

Scarborough: ‘Snowflake’ Mitch McConnell Must Be Shocked at Trump Rally’s ‘Angry Mob’

Joe Scarborough: GOP Has Monopoly on Washington D.C. Yet Still ‘Plays the Aggrieved Card’

Joe Scarborough: Kavanaugh Offered No ‘Olive Branch’ Because of ‘Graceless, Tacky Trump Era’

Scarborough Blasts ‘Used Car Salesman’ Mitch McConnell For Merrick Garland Defense: ‘He’s Changing History’

Morning Joe Shreds Kavanaugh For His Defense of ‘Sharp’ Hearing: He ‘Cried Like a Baby’

Joe Scarborough: Media’s Biased Kavanaugh Coverage Helps Trump Divide the Country

Joe Scarborough: Lindsey Graham Has Gone from McCain’s ‘Wingman’ to Trump’s ‘Carnival Barker’

Scarborough: Kavanaugh’s Refusing an FBI Investigation Was Close to a ‘Perry Mason’ Moment

Joe Scarborough: Kavanaugh Nomination ‘Will Come Down to Who is Best on Television’

Joe Scarborough on Kavanaugh: ‘What Are Republicans Afraid of If Truth is on Their Side?’

Scarborough Mocks Ed Whelan’s Conspiracy Theory: ‘That’s Low, Even in the Age of Trump’

Joe Scarborough: FBI Should Reinvestigate Kavanaugh to ‘Stop Hateful Speculating On Both Sides’

Scarborough: ‘No-Win Situation’ for GOP Interrogating Kavanaugh Accuser; ‘Facts Be Damned’

Scarborough: Long-Term Political Consequences for GOP Supporting Kavanaugh ‘Could Be Devastating’

Joe Scarborough: House GOP Aren’t Just Dupes for Trump, They’re Dupes for Putin

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