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North Korea

Trevor Noah Praises Trump: ‘NoKo Would Have Never Come To The Table’

Tim Kaine ‘Heartened’ by Pompeo’s Secret Trip to North Korea

Sen. Murphy: ‘I’m Very Worried’ Trump’s NoKo Summit Will ‘Go Badly’, Lead to Military Action

CIA Director Mike Pompeo Reportedly Met Recently With Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Doesn’t Have a Plane That Can Fly Him All The Way to The U.S.

Trump Says ‘Good Chance’ Kim Jong-Un Will Denuclearize: ‘Look Forward to Our Meeting!’

Here’s a Stunning Supercut of Fox Newsers Bashing Obama For Saying He’d Meet With NoKo

Trevor Noah: If Smart People Couldn’t Solve North Korea, ‘Why Not Try Trump?’

Jeanine Pirro Gushes Over Trump’s ‘Genius’ on NoKo: Bringing Kim Jong Un ‘To His Knees’

Trump Stops Crowd From Booing Kim Jong Un: ‘We Have to be Very Nice, Let’s See What Happens’

Trump on North Korea Talks: ‘It’s Going to be Something Very Special’

Trump Taunts the Press Over North Korea News: They Were ‘Amazed,’ Next Morning It ‘Became FAKE’

Trump Believes North Korea Will ‘Honor That Commitment’ Not to Do More Missile Tests

Fox & Friends Host Mocks Rachel Maddow’s Reaction to North Korea News: ‘She Literally Had a Meltdown’

Maher: Liberals Should Stop ‘Reflexively Hating on’ Trump-Kim Jong Un Meeting

Trump Tweets North Korea Deal Is in the Making: ‘Time and Place to Be Determined’

Sarah Sanders Hits Pentagon Officials on Claims They Were Out of Loop on North Korea

Sarah Sanders Swipes at the Press Amid North Korea Q’s: You ‘Elevated’ Them With Olympics Coverage

Dennis Rodman Lauds Trump For Agreeing to Talk With Kim Jong Un: ‘A Historical Meeting’

GOP Sen. Gardner Issues Dire ‘Red Line’ Warning on NoKo: If Trump Talks Fail, ‘What is Left to Diplomacy?’

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