North Korea

Bannon Reportedly Thought Explosive Comments to Left-Wing Outlet Were Off the Record

Rep. Keith Ellison: Kim Jong-un is ‘Acting More Responsible’ Than Trump

Fareed Zakaria: If Trump Gets North Korea to Denuclearize, ‘I Would Give Him the Nobel Prize’

Hugh Hewitt on Latest Trump Threats: ‘We’re in a Very Dangerous Moment’

Leon Panetta Sounds the Alarm on North Korea: Biggest Crisis Facing U.S. Since Cuban Missile Crisis

Trump Asked if U.S. Could Go to War With N. Korea: ‘I Think You Know The Answer’

Trump Triples Down on His Threat to North Korea: If They Act, They ‘Will Regret It Fast’

Govt. Issues Bombing Guidelines to People of Guam: Don’t Look Into the Blast

17 Most Fire Tweets You Can Enjoy During the Nuclear Apocalypse

Twitter Is Really Depressed by WSJ Analyzing How Nuclear War Would Impact the Economy

Fox & Friends Love Rush Limbaugh for Calling Out ‘Wimpism & Wussism’ in Washington DC

Trump: We Are ‘Locked and Loaded’ If North Korea Pulls the Trigger

Colbert Reacts to Trump Not Being ‘Tough Enough’ on NK: ‘What is Tougher Than Fire and Fury?!’

Fareed Zakaria Totally Doesn’t Buy Trump’s North Korea Rhetoric: ‘The Art of the Bluff’

Lindsey Graham Out-Trumps Trump on North Korea Tough Talk: ‘If We Have to, We’ll Go to War’

Seb Gorka Clarifies His Remarks on Tillerson: It Was the Journalists Who Were ‘Nonsensical’

Fox News Host Confronts Gorka For Undercutting Tillerson: ‘Forget Backstabbing,’ You ‘Frontstabbed’ Him

Trump Stands By His Tough Talk on North Korea: ‘It’s Not a Dare’

North Korea State Media Goes After Trump: ‘We Cannot Have a Dialogue With a Senile Man’

Trump: ‘There Are No Mixed Messages’ From Our Administration on North Korea

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