North Korea

Trump Praises Kim Jong Un: ‘North Korea Will Become a Different Kind of Rocket – an Economic One’

Trump: We’d Be ‘In a Major War with North Korea’ If I Wasn’t Elected President

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Slams Trump Over Spat With Intel Leaders: Kim Jong Un Played Him ‘Like a Fiddle’

Trump Contradicts Himself, Administration on ISIS and North Korea in Morning Tweetstorm

New North Korean Missile Site Reportedly Discovered as Trump Preps for New Summit With Kim Jong Un

Trump Tweets Out Picture in Oval Office on Christmas Eve: ‘Looking Forward to My Next Summit with Chairman Kim’

North Korea Says It Won’t Denuclearize Unless U.S. Removes ‘Nuclear Threat’ First

Trump Amid Reports North Korea is Getting Away With Sanctions Violations: ‘We Are Doing Just Fine!’

Trump Reveals How He Makes Decisions to Chris Wallace: ‘I Don’t Think About Them’

John Brennan on North Korea’s Expanding Missile Program: Kim Jong Un ‘Masterful’ in How He ‘Duped’ Trump

Lindsey Graham Knocks Trump’s Warm Words for Kim Jong Un: ‘This Love Crap Needs to Stop’

Trump: Kim Jong Un And I ‘Fell in Love’ After ‘He Wrote Me Beautiful Letters’

One Year After ‘Rocket Man’ Taunt, Trump Lauds Kim in UN Speech: I Thank Him For His ‘Courage’

Martha MacCallum to Nikki Haley: Was It Mistake for Trump to Say North Korea No Longer a Nuclear Threat?

Trump Touts North Korea’s Proposal to Dismantle Missile Launch Facility: ‘Very Exciting!’

NEW: North Korea Vows ‘Permanent Dismantlement’ of Nuclear Facility… If U.S. Takes ‘Reciprocal’ Measures

Trump Lauds North Korea’s Kim Jong Un After Watching Fox News: We ‘Like Each Other!’

Morning Joe Laughs at Trump’s Tweet to Chairman Kim: ‘His Friends are Despots!’

South Korea: Kim Jong Un Pledges to Denuclearize in Trump’s First Term

Trump Chides China For Supporting North Korea With Aid: ‘This is Not Helpful!’

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