Jon Stewart Mocks Pink Toenail Scandal: Painting Kids Faces Don’t Make Them Cats!

J Crew recently ran an advertisement that celebrated the pink toenail polish worn by the 5 year-old son of the company Creative Director, Jenna Lyons. Perhaps predictably, the news media has had somewhat of a field day with thinly veiled scorn and ginned up controversy surrounding the Rorschach test of an ad. Last night, Jon Stewart , the father of two young children himself, mocked the media reaction, or what he calls the “Conflictanatorâ„¢” and reminded his viewers that weekend’s with young children LAST FOREVER! Parents of young children watching that comment likely laughed out loud before collapsing in a pile of sleep deprived induced tears. (At least I know I did.)

Perhaps the most hilarious part in the segment below is Stewart specific ridicule of Dan Gainor, the Vice President of Business & Culture for the conservative Media Research Center and noted Twitter troll. When Gainor derided the specific color of pink as “neon,” Stewart thanked him for saying that word in the same way he would say “dildo.” In fact, unless Gainor relishes being publicly scorn to finely gain some relevance in the public spectrum as a noted punchline, this segment had to really embarrass him. And rightfully so.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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