Maria Bartiromo Rips NFL Anthem Kneelers on Fox & Friends: ‘I Think It’s Disgusting!’

FBN Morning show anchor Maria Bartiromo had the good fortune to make a promotional appearance on her sister channel’s Fox News morning show today, moments after a multitude of NFL players took a knee in protest in advance of an afternoon game taking place in London today.  Fox & Friends Weekend co-host opened the segment by showing images of many players taking a knee, ostensibly in protest of racial inequality and likely in reaction to President Donald Trump‘s inflaming rhetoric.

So how did Ms. Bartiromo feel about these images?  “I think it’s disgusting” she offered, adding “I don’t know what they are so upset about right now. I looked at these contract and they are making hundreds of millions of dollars. They than 150, $160 million contract over the coming years.”

The NFL Anthem protest started with Colin Kaepernick over a year ago an has become a more inflamed political debate with President Donald Trump‘s heated call for an NFL boycott in protest of the anthem kneelers.

Bartiromo appears to see this protest mostly in financial terms, saying “they will raise almost $5 billion from CBS, fox, all of the networks. Advertisers pay up for this kind of an audience. Guess what. Now because of these antics and shenanigans, advertisers are not going to pay it because the audience numbers are dropping. We have the lowest ratings in football in seven years. People literally stop watching the game because of this.”

If Ms. Bartiromo seems to truly believe that money is at the root of this protest then she has been willingly ignoring the core reasons for the protests.


Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox & Friends.

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