Fox & Friends

Fox & Friends Blasts Network Caravan Coverage…Seconds Before Reporting Military Border Mission Complete

Here’s How Fox & Friends is Covering Report on Ivanka Using Private Email For Govt. Business

Fox & Friends Defends Trump’s Caravan Invasion Rhetoric: ‘He Hasn’t Forgotten About It’

Fox & Friends Pushes Back on ‘Caravan’ Criticism: ‘Propaganda? Tell That to the People in Tijuana!’

Fox & Friends Features MAGA LEGO Knockoff Where You Can Build Wall to Keep Out Sombrero-Clad Mexicans

Former ICE Director Tom Homan Thanks Fox News For Defending Agency Against ‘Abolish ICE’ Movement

Fox & Friends: The First Part of the Caravan Has Arrived At California Border!

WATCH: Fox & Friends Addresses Trump Missing Veteran Memorial Due to Light Rain

WATCH: Trump Says ‘I Don’t Know Matt Whitaker’ One Month After Saying ‘I Know Matt Whitaker’

Fox & Friends Diner Patron Mocks Steve Doocy’s Question on Political Unity: ‘Is this Fox News? Are You New Here?’

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Doesn’t Understand Why Obama’s Fear-Mongering Doesn’t Get Same Scrutiny as Trump’s

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Economy Doing Really Well Under Trump, But ‘Wasn’t the Table Set by Barack Obama?’

Trump Thanks Fox & Friends Hosts for ‘Nice and Very Wise’ Comments on Economy: You ‘Really Get It!’

Fox & Friends Parrots Ridiculously Inaccurate Trump Stat on Asylum Seekers

Critics Call Out Fox’s Ainsley Earhart For Saying News Should Be Reported the Way Trump Wants: ‘N-U-T-S’

Fox & Friends Defends Trump Media Attacks: He’s Simply Asking Report News the ‘Way I Want it Reported’

Fox & Friends Chides Trump for ‘Enemy of the People’ Media Attacks: It ‘Does a Lot of Damage’

Fox & Friends Forgets to Ask Candace Owens About Her Deleted Tweet Blaming ‘Leftists’ For Pipe Bombs

Fox & Friends Guest: Bombs Sent to Dems Could Be ‘Left Wing Operation’ to Convince Undecided Voters in Midterms

Steve Doocy Pushes Back on Guest’s Claim Left is Planting Bombs: ‘It Is Too Early’

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