Fox & Friends

Harmonic Convergence? Morning Joe Gives Rare Journalistic Praise to Fox & Friends for Tough Pompeo Interview

Morning Joe Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Mike Pompeo: ‘He Debased Himself on Live Television’

Diner Patron on Fox & Friends Says Criticizing Trump is ‘Next to Treason’

WATCH: Sec. of State Mike Pompeo Evades Fox & Friends Questions about Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder

Franklin Graham to Fox & Friends Viewers: ‘Run, Because The Devil Wants to Destroy You’

‘Exact Same Thing!’: Fox & Friends Falsely Compares Trump’s Potential Campaign Crimes to Obama’s

WATCH: Jeopardy! Contestants Whiff Badly on Cable News Themed Questions

Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade: Birthright Citizenship is ‘How We Got Gov. Bill Richardson’

Fox & Friends Bemoans Caravan Baby Just Born on US Soil: ‘Child is Now an American Citizen’

Stuart Varney Blames DOW Plummet on ‘Computers’ Reading Trump’s ‘Tariff Man’ Tweet: ‘Humans Should Get a Grip’

Kilmeade Shoots Down Doocy’s Claim Flynn Memo Shows No Collusion: It’s All ‘Redacted!’

Judge Napolitano Warns Manafort Pardon Would Backfire: ‘He Will Be Indicted By the States’

Kid Rock on Fox & Friends: We Can Disagree and Still Be Cordial But… ‘Screw That Joy Behar Bitch’

Mollie Hemingway to Fox & Friends: Mueller Taking a ‘Very Stalinist Type Approach to Criminal Justice’

Law Professor Jonathan Turley Predicts Mueller Will Wrap Probe By End of the Year

Fox News Disciplines Staffers Who Gave Scripts to EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Before Interview

Watch This Scripted Interview Fox & Friends Did With Ex-EPA Chief Scott Pruitt

Napolitano: Manafort Probably ‘Won’t See the Light of Day Until He’s Very, Very Old’

NEW: Fox & Friends Shared Scripts With EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, Report Finds

Newt Gingrich Baselessly Declares ‘War on the Border’ Financed By ‘American Leftists’

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