Fox & Friends

Fox & Friends Ecstatic Over Mueller Report: ‘Trump Did Not Steal the Election!’

Devin Nunes Tells Fox & Friends ‘We Can Just Burn’ Mueller Report: ‘I Don’t Really Care’ What it Says

Fox Host to Dem Senator: ‘Did Your Party Go Too Far’ on Russia Talk?

Fox & Friends Goes Off After Mueller Report Submitted: What If It Shows Media’s Been ‘Yelling About Nonsense?’

Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Fox & Friends Segment Calling Her ‘Manchurian Candidate’: I Pay Staff to Do Their Jobs

Fox & Friends Furious at Comic Book Teaching Kids to ‘Know Your Rights’ During ICE Raid: ‘Total Lawlessness!’

Napolitano Pours Cold Water on Devin Nunes Shadow Ban Lawsuit: ‘It’s Not Illegal’

Fox & Friends Asks Why People Link Trump’s Language with Mosque Shooter. Here’s Why.

Fox & Friends Calls Out Media: ‘Insane’ to Link New Zealand Shooter to Trump’s ‘Invasion’ Rhetoric

Fox & Friends Credits Bill Maher for Comments About Fox News: Speaking Truth to Democrats

WATCH: Trump and Fox News Have Been Calling Beto O’Rourke ‘Robert Francis’ For Months

Newt Gingrich Defends Beto’s Resume: Abraham Lincoln Only Served One Term in House

Fox & Friends Bashes The View for Fake Melania Conspiracy: ‘Classic Mean Girl Environment’

Trump, Inspired By Least Self-Aware Fox & Friends Segment, Complains About ‘One-Sided’ Bias of Late Night Comedy

CNN’s Stelter and Sciutto Lament ‘Ignorant’ Fox News ‘Nonsense’ Driving Trump’s Climate Policy

Trump Promotes Fox & Friends Segment With ‘Jexodus’ Activist Claiming Democratic Party is Anti-Semitic

Lawmakers Debate Nickelback on Fox News: Why ‘Criticize One of the Greatest Bands of the ‘90s?’

Fox & Friends Rips ‘Elitist’ Media Reactions to Trump Signing Bibles in Alabama

‘This is a Travesty!’ Fox & Friends Outraged Over Anti-Hate Vote: ‘Omar Should Be High Fiving Everybody!’

Eric Trump Says 57-Year-Old Michael Caputo is ‘Young Kid’ Who Can’t Afford Lawyers For Russia Probes

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