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Trump Goes After Mueller Team in Tweetstorm: ‘Does Anyone Think This Is Fair?’

Fox & Friends Swipes at Andrea Mitchell Over McCabe Tweet: Not Hiding the ‘Advocacy’

Fox & Friends Host on McCabe Firing: Feels Like We ‘Got a Piece of America Back’

Kellyanne Conway Gleefully Bashes Hillary Over Trump Voter Diss: ‘Stop Pretending You’re a Feminist’

‘Cuteness Counts’: Fox & Friends Hosts Suggest Democrat Won Special Election Because ‘He’s Cute’

Fox & Friends Slams Network Coverage of House GOP No Collusion Findings: ‘Do the News!’

Fox & Friends Debates Death Penalty For Drug Dealers: Trump ‘Is Usually Correct in His Instincts’

Fox & Friends Ridicules Elizabeth Warren For Deflecting Question on DNA Test: ‘I Guess That’s a No’

Fox & Friends Host Mocks Rachel Maddow’s Reaction to North Korea News: ‘She Literally Had a Meltdown’

Cowboy Hat-Wearing Fox & Friends Guest Rails Against ‘Beta-Males’ Mag Cover: ‘War on Masculinity’

Watch Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy Awkwardly Call Diamond & Silk ‘Classy and Sassy’

Fox & Friends Gets Awkward When Brian Kilmeade Corrects Steve Doocy’s Scandalous Clinton Foundation Claim

Fox & Friends Uses Random Tweets to Slam Oscars For Not Standing Up For Montage of Military Films

Fox & Friends Slam ‘Political’ Oscars: Kimmel is ‘Chuck Schumer With a Sense of Humor’

Scaramucci to Fox & Friends: Only Way I Can Get Into WH is ‘Through the TV Camera’

Fox & Friends Comes to Trump’s Defense on ‘President for Life’ Remarks: ‘It’s a Joke! It’s a Joke!’

Condoleezza Rice Dismisses Putin’s Nuclear Tough Talk: They’ve ‘Been Able to Hit Florida Since 1980’

Kellyanne Spins Trump’s Gun Control Meeting After GOP Criticism: Meeting ‘Not About Gun Control’

Fox & Friends Conducts Hilarious Interview With Pot-Smoking House Candidate: ‘If You Win, Will You Get High?’

Eric Trump Hits Obama Over Russian Meddling: ‘Why Did He Do Nothing?’

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