Megyn Kelly Addresses Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin’s Potential ‘Comeback’: ‘Are We Ready For That?’


Megyn Kelly discussed the #MeToo movement Thursday from an interesting angle – should these men be given a second chance?

Kelly highlighted the conduct of Bill Shine, who was the co-president of Fox News before being discharged in the wake of the Roger Ailes scandal, and who was recently tapped for a senior communications position at the White House.

“This has come up because Mark Halperin, who was an MSNBC political analyst, had spent years at ABC News, he has reportedly been meeting with top TV figures, former and current network stars… even Kellyanne Conway and Charlie Rose, leading some to speculate he is looking for a comeback,” Kelly explained.

“This as Charlie Rose was invited to this elite gathering of billionaires out in Idaho and is reportedly getting together or thinking about a TV show that would include those accused by the #MeToo movement, by women in it, to try to tell their stories and launch a comeback and there’s a question about whether that’s okay. Are we ready for that? Thoughts on that?”

“You have a range of things these men are accused of,” NBC News Correspondent Stephanie Gosk offered. “Each person needs to be treated individually, as an individual case. Do we, for instance, accept an apology that was issued? Do we feel that this person understands and is ready to move on in a different way? I don’t know. Do the people that work for us feel that way? These are the questions, and they’re difficult.”

“There is a difference between talking about someone going into business, or having a TV show, or being hired by an entertainment company, versus someone being brought into the White House and paid with taxpayer dollars,” NBC News legal analyst Mimi Rocah chimed in, taking a not-so-veiled jab at President Donald Trump, and then transitioning into talk of Shine.

“At least with President Trump, for better or worse, you can have your opinion, people got to vote on that, knowing what they knew about him,” she said. “If he brings in someone who has this kind of baggage, without people having a say, but he’s in that, you know, sort of public service position, I think that’s different.”

But Kelly differentiated Shine from people like Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose. “Shine was never accused of sexually harassing anybody,” Kelly explained, answering Rocah’s implication that a now-public servant, like Shine, needed to face renewed scrutiny if he was accused of sexual misconduct as a private citizen. “At most, he faced a couple of lawsuits suggesting he may have looked the other way when allegedly knowing about Roger Ailes‘ harassment or Bill O’Reilly‘s harassment. But in Shine’s defense, and I have spoken publicly about going to him about O’Reilly’s bad behavior at Fox, there’s no proof that he knew about the litany of complaints against these two guys.”

Watch above, via NBC News.

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