MSNBC Contributor Eddie Glaude Goes On a Tear Over 1/6 After Hearing: There’s ‘A White Mob Arguing for a White Nation’


Eddie Glaude Jr. and Matthew Dowd went off on MSNBC Tuesday reacting to the testimony from Capitol Police officers about the riots on January 6th.

The four officers who testified provided their harrowing accounts of that day, including Officer Harry Dunn talking about facing racist abuse.

Glaude told Nicolle Wallace he was moved by the hearing and talked about the “white resentment” of the Trump supporters who were at the Capitol that day.

“‘Stop the steal’ has everything to do with voters in Atlanta, in Detroit, in Philadelphia, in Milwaukee, in Maricopa County. Black and brown voters, young voters. So this is in some ways a white mob arguing for a white nation it seems to me,” he said.

Dowd added that a third of the country has “constantly fought against” the ideals America strives for:

It happened in the Revolutionary War. A third of America sided with the monarchy. It happened in the Civil War. A third of America supported slavery and fought the union to try to break up the union. It happened in civil rights. A third of America fought expanded civil rights. It happened with women’s vote. A third of America fought women’s right to vote. And that third of America is still in the soil of our American republic. It has not been excavated in a way to remove the poison of it. And Donald Trump — give Donald Trump credit for one thing. Donald Trump recognized that when he came down that escalator.

He also made a point of arguing that “white Christian heterosexual males” are “not satisfied” that they don’t have more power in America.

Glaude said at one point it’s easy to see “the loud racists,” but the bigger challenge is “the ones who are willing to compromise with them, the ones who are willing to allow them to jeopardize our very way of life.”

“The loud racists are who they are. The question is what are you going to do?!” he continued. “What are those who claim to be committed to democracy, what are they going to do?”

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