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Steve Schmidt: We’re Seeing ‘Cruelty’ from Trump, Sanders, Conway Towards Rob Porter’s Ex-Wives

Nicolle Wallace on Rob Porter Scandal: Why Don’t Women in the White House ‘Walk Out’?

Ex-MSNBC Anchor Greta Van Susteren Blasts Nicole Wallace, Morning Joe Over SOTU Reactions

Nicolle Wallace: SOTU Revealed Trump’s ‘Deep and Almost Sort of Sad Obsession With Being Liked’

Nicolle Wallace Hits Back at Ingraham: Right Wing Media In the Tank for Trump 100%

Nicolle Wallace Obliterates Trump Over ‘Sh*thole’ Comment: He ‘Disgraced the Country’

Nicolle Wallace, Joy Reid Go Off on Republicans Trying to ‘Protect the President’ on Russia

Nicolle Wallace Slams GOP For Slinging Mud at FBI: ‘It Makes Me Crazy’

Nicolle Wallace: Why Don’t Republicans Care About FBI Being Smeared? Are They ‘Dead Inside?’

Christie: If Trump Didn’t Become President, He Probably Would Have Sued His Accusers

Steve Schmidt Goes on a Tear Against Fox News: Like ‘Propaganda in Authoritarian Countries’

MSNBC Panel Pushes Back Against Sanders Over Gillibrand Tweet: Trump’s Mind Was ‘In the Gutter’

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt Tear Into Sean Hannity: ‘Wrong in the Most Profound Way’

Nicolle Wallace: ‘The Republican Party’s Soul’ Is Gone After Trump Endorsed Roy Moore

John Heilemann: ‘Sean Hannity and Fox News Are a Totally Corrupt Enterprise’

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Applauds Shep Smith for ‘Rebuking’ Others at Fox on Uranium One

Morning Joe Rips ‘Depravity of Conservative Media’ For Defending ‘Animal’ Roy Moore

Nicolle Wallace: In 365 Days, Trump Has Gone from ‘Surprise Victor’ to ‘Skunk at the Garden Party’

Nicolle Wallace Destroys Trump Surrogate for Shilling on Russia: ‘I Hope They’re Paying You a Lot’

Mediaite Q&A: Nicolle Wallace on WH Morale, W’s Speech and Talking Politics with Her Parents

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