NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell Calls For ‘Comprehensive Response’ in Syria: Trump ‘Has to Take Action’

In response to the reported chemical attack on civilians in Syria, NBC News veteran Andrea Mitchell and other leading members of the New York and Washington, D.C. pundit class are — surprise, surprise — beating the war drums and calling on the US government to ramp up attacks in the country with a “comprehensive response.”

While appearing on this morning’s airing of Morning Joe, Mitchell explained to Iraq War cheerleader Joe Scarborough why she believes Trump should follow the in the footsteps of America’s other 21st Century presidents leap further into the conflict in the Middle East:

“There’s no question that now all these years later it is Donald Trump’s challenge. And the problem is that he as John McCain pointed out, did say to the distress of his own Pentagon that he’s going to pull out our 2,000 troops and he wants it to be done in months not years. So after signaling weakness and watching Putin and Erdogan, and Rouhani meeting and almost celebrating their victory and their control over Syria, now he has to take action. He’s spoken to Macron. What he ought to do is a coordinated action. The Israelis, most likely, are the ones who struck in the last 48 hours. But now there has to be a comprehensive response.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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