NBC Sports Analyst Mary Carillo: At Her Worst, Serena Williams ‘Acts Like a Bully’


Mary Carillo, former professional tennis player turned NBC Sports reporter, said that Serena Williams acted like a “bully” at the U.S. Open on Saturday during her explosive loss to young tennis star Naomi Osaka.

Carillo first noted that Carlos Ramos — the chair umpire who stoked controversy at the US Open on Saturday after handing Williams three code-of-conduct violations, the last one awarding her opponent Osaka a game in the second set — is “very, very respected.”

“He has been doing big matches for decades,” she said.

“At her very best — and she is very often at her very best — I respect and admire Serena beyond measure,” Carillo continued. “She is so powerful, she’s an important voice, she’s a ferocious competitor.”

“But at her very worst, as she was on this night, she acts like a bully,” Carillo said. “And you make a career covering bullies,” she said to MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle, “this is what you do for a living. You know what happens: you cannot talk to them, you cannot reason with them.”

“I’m sorry it ended that way,” Carillo said. “If you follow tennis at all, you know those rules. They are inviolate.”

“A lot of these people that are weighing in and saying double standard,” Carillo added, “I’m saying, you know what? This is not the hill you want to die on.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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