comScore NRATV Host Claims Parkland Shooting is Like Benghazi: ‘This is What Liberal Leadership Gets You’

NRATV Host Claims Parkland Shooting is Like Benghazi: ‘This is What Liberal Leadership Gets You’

NRATV’s resident TV-destroyer and white genocide conspiracy theorist Grant Stinchfield believes that “liberal leadership” — not America’s problem with gun violence — is to blame for the Parkland, Florida shooting, just like in “Benghazi.”

During a segment with veteran Kris Paronto, who was part of the CIA’s security team during the 2012 infamous attack in Libya, Stinchfield likened the recent school shooting that resulted in the death of 17 people to the Benghazi incident.

Stinchfield said the following while discussing what took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School earlier this month:

“You know, I can’t help but draw comparisons to Benghazi. Now that was a terrorist attack, you could make the argument that this guy was a terrorist in what he rained down on that school. You had so many warnings, Kris, you and the men that you fought with over there warned about Benghazi over and over again that there were threats and there were security flaws and issues there. Now we see that there were warnings over and over again. We as Americans, I’m sad to say, we’re not learning lessons from other events and we could have learned – whether it was Benghazi or any other school shooting, this school wasn’t ready and they should have been.”

Paronto, who has used his post-Benghazi fame to incorporate himself into the conservative movement, agreed with the NRATV host and blamed both Benghazi and Parkland on “politicians and political correctness.”

“We’re not looking at common sense anymore, we’re letting agendas drive this. And when we let agendas drive this, we let left-wing agendas drive this, and I’m going to say this specifically when we let left-wing agendas drive this, this is what we see,” Paronto said.

With the NRA taking significant heat for their post-Parkland response — which included their lead spokeswoman Dana Loesch claiming the media “loves mass shootings” — Stinchfield appeared to be pivoting the argument away from America’s gun violence issue and dredging up the old anti-Hillary Clinton Benghazi talking points.

“It sounds like Hillary Clinton ‘What difference does it make?’ Continued Stinchfield. “This is what liberal leadership gets you. No responsibility, no accountability, we’ve got people dead from Benghazi, we’ve got people dead at Parkland and liberal leadership is at the height of all of it.”

As bizarre as the host’s claim was, it’s not even the Stinchfield’s craziest moment. He has also suggested Black Lives Matter wants to have white people “tortured and killed,” destroyed NRA’s own TV with a sledgehammer in a response to the media, and asked North Korea to launch a nuke toward California.

Watch above, via NRATV and Media Matters.

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