Piers Morgan In Disbelief Over Filmmaker’s Inability To Find Fault In Barack Obama: ‘Oh, Come Off It’

Piers Morgan In Disbelief Over Filmmaker's Inability To Find Fault In Obama

On his show Thursday, CNN’s Piers Morgan entered into a rather heated discussion with filmmaker Davis Guggenheim — the man behind the new very pro-Barack Obama documentary The Road We’ve Traveled — on the apparent lack of balance in his film.

When asked what negatives he focused on in order to balance the positives highlighted in his documentary, Guggenheim replied that “the negative for me was that there were too many accomplishments.” (Note: This response works even less in the context of a job interview.)

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“Oh, come off it,” said Morgan, rather Britishly. “You can’t say that with a straight face! Come on.” But, evidently, Guggenheim could. He really, really could.

And so Morgan tried again: “Where do you find fault in [President Obama]? Personally?”

After a lengthy pause, the director concluded that, as it turns out, he finds no fault in Obama.

“He’s a perfect human being?” asked Morgan.

“Well, no,” Guggenheim admitted. “But I’m really quite in awe of him as a leader. And the choices he’s made.”

As for who funded the film, Guggenheim would only say that Morgan would have to ask the campaign for an answer to that.

Watch what happened, via CNN:

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