Pro-Trump CNN Commentator: Maybe the Media Should Apologize for Focusing So Much on Kelly Sadler


CNN commentator Steve Cortes conceded tonight the White House should apologize for the nasty comment an aide made about John McCain, but also made an argument the media has way more to apologize for.

He first told Paul Begala that if he’s going to morally judge Trump, “it’s important that you realize that you served a President who supported abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy.”

Begala shot back that “as a pro-life person,” he must clearly be outraged by the nasty comment about an ailing senator.

“To mock anyone who is near death I think is wrong,” Cortes responded.

He said that the White House should apologize, calling it “the right thing to do,” but he added, “Will the mainstream media apologize for continuing to focus on a mid-level staffer… who 99 percent of America has never heard of and ignore the massive amount of good news?”

Cooper shot back that if it’s so “meaningless,” an apology would literally cost nothing.

Cortes went on to argue that the mainstream media has “never apologized” to Trump for false reports, bringing up one of CNN’s reports in particular. He actually asked, “When is the mainstream media going to apologize for fake news?”

Cooper responded that news organizations issue corrections after false reports come out, adding, “It just seems to me like you’re trying to jingle a shiny object away from the actual thing we’re talking about.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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