Rep. Matt Gaetz Celebrates Presidential Restraint in Dealing With Iran: ‘Trump Doctrine’ on Display


Matt Gaetz (R-FL) celebrated President Donald Trump’s “restraint” as he reacted to the escalating situation between Iran and the U.S.

Gaetz joined Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Tuesday night to discuss Iran’s missile attack on two Iraqi military bases housing U.S. forces, which the Iranian government is calling retaliation for the death of Qasem Soleimani. As Gaetz and Ingraham condemned Democrats for their criticism of Trump’s handling of the Iran situation, Gaetz argued that the airstrike on Soleimani was “the right thing to do” before he started speaking about Trump’s “measured” actions on the matter.

“I do believe if the United States seeks war with Iran, which the president doesn’t, the American people don’t, then of course Congressional authorization would be required. That’s in the Constitution, certainly not for self-defense. I think the president has been measured and let’s hope restraint wins the day…If the president wanted war with Iran, he’s had plenty of opportunities. He’s chosen to exercise restraint and I think we’re seeing the Trump doctrine is one where we strike and then move. We don’t invade and then try to persuade people to liberate.”

The segment went on from there with Ingraham praising Trump’s “realism” on Iran and blasting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her response to the latest developments.

Watch above, via Fox News

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