Matt Gaetz

Chris Cuomo and Gaetz Battle Over Russia Probe: Mueller’s ‘More Republican Than You’ve Been on Your Best Day!’

Matt Gaetz Attacks Don Lemon to Chris Cuomo Over Reaction to His Threatening Cohen Tweet

Read the Text Matt Gaetz Sent Michael Cohen Apologizing For Threatening Dirt on Alleged Affairs

Matt Gaetz Denies He Spoke to Trump by Phone About Michael Cohen Threat, But Says He Did Talk to. . .

Was Matt Gaetz Overheard Talking to Trump About Michael Cohen?

Matt Gaetz Says He Personally Apologized to Michael Cohen: ‘Family Members Should be Off-Limits’

Florida Bar Association Opens Investigation Into Matt Gaetz After ‘High Volume’ of Complaints Over Cohen Tweet

Dem Congresswoman Suggests ‘Criminal Prosecution’ For Matt Gaetz at Cohen Hearing

Matt Gaetz Apologizes to Nancy Pelosi and Deletes Tweet Threatening Michael Cohen

Chris Cuomo: Matt Gaetz Wants to Be a Provocateur, ‘Like a Baby Trump in That Regard’

Matt Gaetz’s Congressional Colleagues Roast Him Over Creepy Cohen Threat

Pelosi Warns Gaetz After Tweet Threatening Cohen: Ethics Committee Should ‘Vigilantly Monitor’ Statements

Rep. Matt Gaetz Repeats Cohen Threat on House Floor: ‘Does He Lie to His Own Family?’

CNN’s Toobin: Gaetz Tweet Is ‘Total Gangster Stuff,’ But Trump’s Clearly ‘Tweeted Worse Things’ About Cohen

Matt Gaetz Claims His Threatening Tweet to Cohen Was ‘Witness Testing, Not Witness Tampering’

Michael Cohen Pal Donny Deutsch Trashes Matt Gaetz for Threatening Tweet: ‘You Are Scum!’

Rep. Gaetz Blasted for Threatening Michael Cohen: ‘This is Mafioso Intimidation’

Rep. Gaetz Threatens Michael Cohen With Info on Alleged Affair: Tonight a ‘Good Time’ to Talk to Your Wife

The Top 5 Highlights from the Blockbuster NY Times Report on Trump Investigations

Chris Cuomo Emphatically Says Trump Takes Orders From Hannity: ‘What He Says, the President DOES’

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