S.E. Cupp on Trump Using Caravan to Stoke Immigration Fears Among Base: ‘At What Cost to Basic Human Decency?’


On Saturday, CNN host S.E. Cupp wondered about the cost of President Donald Trump’s midterm strategy that relies on the Brett Kavanaugh controversy and the caravan of immigrants to rile up his base and get them to the polls.

“It’s worth noting the president could be focusing just on a booming economy, record unemployment, but this low hanging fruit is just too tempting to pass up,” she said. “Here’s the deal, Trump’s trying out a new line that these midterms are going to be about Kavanaugh and the caravan. He’s likely not wrong. It’s no secret the Republican base is motivated by illegal immigration. And I’ve been saying for weeks now that the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing awakened an angry silent majority that the left is not anticipating. He’s not wrong. But at what cost?”

Then turning to the Jamal Khashoggi murder, she said this: “The President of the United States has chosen to believe a bogus Saudi explanation for the brutal murder of a Washington Post journalist. At what cost to democracy?”

On Trump backslapping a Congressman for assaulting a journalist, she asked: “At what cost to freedom of the press?”

Then Cupp, who identified herself as a Republican added: “The President of the United States is using immigrant families fleeing violence and pain to gin up fear among his base. At what cost to basic human decency?”

She then admitted Republicans may very well do better than expected in November but asked again, “at what cost?”

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