HHS: Thousands More Migrant Children Were Separated From Families Than Initially Reported

KUSI Reporter Slams CNN in Border Reporting Spat: We Said Things ‘They Didn’t Want to Hear’

Rep. Brooks Clashes With CNN’s Berman: ‘Don’t Make Up Stuff and Try to Mislead the Public’

WATCH LIVE: Trump Speaks at Border Security Roundtable in Texas

Democratic Rep. Blasts Trump’s Tweet About Deaths of Children at Border: Lacking ‘Capacity for Human Empathy’

Trump Slammed for Tweet Blaming Democrats for Deaths of Children at Border: ‘New Low’

Trump Blames Death of Children at the Border on ‘Democrats and Their Pathetic Immigration Policies’

Mulvaney Ripped Trump’s Wall as ‘Absurd and Almost Childish’ in Uncovered Audio

Supreme Court Votes to Reject Trump’s Asylum Restrictions Amid Border Wall, Shutdown Battle

Dem Hank Johnson Asks Kirstjen Nielsen if She Thinks ‘Illegal Immigrants’ Are ‘Human or Sub-Human’

Stephen Miller Claims Trump Has Stemmed ‘Tide of Illegal Immigration’ in Spittle-Flecked Interview

Trump Embraces Child Separation: ‘If You Don’t Separate, FAR More’ Will Come

Pacific Life Yanks Ads from Tucker Carlson’s Show After Controversial Immigration Remarks

Trump’s DHS Can’t Back Up His Lie About Catching ’10 Terrorists’ at Border

Pelosi: Democrats Won’t Fund Trump’s ‘Immoral’ Border Wall and Mexico Still Won’t Pay For it

Will Trump’s Pick for ICE Be Derailed Over a Dennis the Menace Tweet?

Chaos Unfolds at Southern Border as San Diego Entry Point Shut Down, Tear Gas Fired at Migrants

Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce Showed Migrants Boarding a Truck and Claimed ‘They’re Climbing the Wall’

Trump Warns ‘Whole Border’ Could Be Shut: We May ‘Close Entry Into the Country for a Period of Time’

Trump Rips Ninth Circuit and Migrant Caravan to Deployed Troops in Thanksgiving Call

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