Scaramucci Cautions Trump Not to Declare Nat’l Emergency Over Wall: ‘It’s Obviously Not Right to Do It’


Speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Friday night, White House Communication Director for a minute Anthony Scaramucci strongly cautioned President Donald Trump not to declare a national emergency to get his wall.

Scaramucci started by saying that to do so is “moving into a precedent-breaking standard for future presidents. So, you can be sitting there with a Democratic president that decides to ban all handguns or assault weapons and says, hey, it’s a national emergency.”

He added though that as president, Trump probably has the ability to do it.

Cuomo then noted he was talking about the possibility of Trump taking money from hard-hit communities to fund the wall in the event a national emergency was declared. He then asked Scaramucci if it was right for Trump to do it.

“[I] would very strongly caution him — no, it’s obviously not right to do it,” Scaramucci then replied. “I would caution him not to do it. I hope he has people inside the room with him who are saying, ‘hey, don’t do this.’ This is a domino effect.”

Then he added that Trump already has so many wins.

“You’ve got so many wins on the board. You’ve got the economy going very well. You’ve got the trade situation you’re about to tie up with China. You still got a deal on the table with the North Koreans and the potential denuclearization of the peninsula,” the former Comms director said. “Why give up so many points on the scoreboard for these ego-driven, north-going/south-going acts. It’s like that Dr. Seuss children’s book. I would not be involved with this at all.”

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