national emergency

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump Heading for ‘Big Embarrassment’ if Senate Rebukes his Border Emergency

Trump: GOP Senators ‘Overthinking’ Vote on Our ‘MAJOR NATIONAL EMERGENCY’

Gov. Newsom Says There’s No ‘National Emergency’ in San Diego. News Station Points to City’s Wall.

Trump Calls on Senate Republicans to ‘STAY UNITED’ on Border Vote: You’re ‘Not Voting on Constitutionality or Precedent…’

Laura Ingraham Knocks Republicans ‘Undermining’ Trump on National Emergency, Calls Out Mitch McConnell

Trump Defends Emergency Declaration at CPAC, Dismisses GOP Concerns About Setting ‘Precedent’ for Democrats

GOP Senator Slams Trump Emergency Declaration: Republicans Who Decried ‘King’ Obama Should Be Consistent

GOP Congressman: Republicans Who Blasted Obama Overreach ‘Now Cry Out for a King to Usurp Legislative Powers’

Maryland’s Republican Governor Hasn’t Ruled Out Challenging Trump in Primary Election

Ouch! Another Republican Stumped When Asked For Example of Trump-Like Emergency Abuse

Stephen Miller Stumped By Wallace’s Barrage of Border Facts: ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Says He’s Undecided on Whether to Support Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Chris Wallace on Trump Declaring Emergency: Maybe He Thinks He Can Tell Base ‘I Did Everything I Could’

Ann Coulter Responds to Trump’s Slam: ‘The Only National Emergency is That Our President is an Idiot’

Pelosi, Others Seize on Trump Saying ‘I Didn’t Need to’ Declare Emergency: ‘He Admits it’s a #FakeTrumpEmergency’

Chuck Todd: Trump’s ‘Miserable Mood’ Hurt His Defense of National Emergency, He Looked ‘Defeated’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Plans Bill to Block Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

Trump Declares National Emergency Over Border Security: Past Presidents Did It ‘Nobody Cares’

Trump Called Obama’s 2014 Executive Immigration Action ‘Unconstitutional’

Rep. McBath: ‘In My Mind There Really is a National Emergency’ and It’s ‘Gun Violence’

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