Scaramucci: G7 Has Been an ‘Unmitigated Disaster’ for Trump; Calls for GOP Leaders to Intervene

Former White House Communications Director — turned vocal Trump critic — Anthony Scaramucci appeared on CNN New Day morning and continued his remarkably harsh criticism for President Donald Trump as the G7 Summit wraps.

While it’s not terribly unique to hear Scaramucci criticize his former boss and ideological ally, he is a successful player in the international finance community and was speaking with host John Berman via satellite feed from Zurich, Switzerland. The Mooch consistently offers pithy and insightful analysis and Monday morning’s appearance was no exception.

Following a rocky few days in which President Trump suggested his Fed Chairman Jay Powell may be a bigger enemy of the United States than Chinese President Xi, and a series of what can most charitably be called odd news reports to come from the G7, Scaramucci called the past few days an “unmitigated disaster” for the president.

“The lack of predictability is due to the president’s irrational emotional state right now,” Scarmucci said, offering “I’ve been saying for the last two weeks he’s melting down at the core. A couple more weeks like this, I think it’s an unmitigated situation. You’ve got to get Republican leaders to come in and say the truth now at some point. ”

Scarmucci went on to speak on other topics, perhaps most notably the recent announcement made by former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, who announced plans to challenge Trump in the Republican primary this past weekend. Scaramucci said that he did not support Walsh’s campaign “specifically” but does support the effort to find a new candidate in a broad sense.

Watch above via CNN.

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