Sean Hannity Tells Controversial Imam: ‘You’re One Sick, Miserable, Evil SOB’

Last night Sean Hannity took on controversial Imam Anjem Choudary in a guns-blazing, must-see debate that was not only full of fun verbal insults flying back and forth, but was also frightening and informative. After a relentless interrogation by Hannity, Choudary revealed his support of Sharia Law and Osama bin Laden, and provided for some great television.

Anyone interested in just seeing a conversation between two people who absolutely loathe the existence of one another will find enjoyment from witnessing the exchange of many memorable insults here. Choudary to Hannity: “you’re very immature, next time we can have a more decent conversation” and “your viewers will see through your lies and your propaganda.” Hannity returning fire: “you’re a bit of a coward” and “you’re one sick, miserable, evil SOB.”

Yet even on substance this shootout is really entertaining. It’s rare to see someone so confidently state, as Choudary does, that “Americans are the biggest criminals in the world today,” that he wants all of the Jewish people out of Israel, and that America’s version of “freedom” is not something desired by the rest of the world. Most terrifying though was a cryptic warning Choudary issues to Hannity that America should be “worried that Islam is coming to your backyard.”

Aside from an awkwardly long back-and-forth about who gets to ask the questions, Hannity was in top form here. Not because of his unapologetic patriotism, which is certainly admirable in the face of confrontation, but more specifically for exposing Choudary to a truly American ideal of a free society: opportunities to passionately and peacefully debate with those whom you disagree.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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