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Lou Dobbs Claims Trump ‘Is Vindicated’ After Rosenstein Says POTUS Not Target of Mueller Probe

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Likens Morning Joe to Hannity: ‘How is This Different?’

Sean Hannity Goes Off on Anderson Cooper: ‘More Like Jerry Springer Than a Newscaster’

MSNBC Panel Goes Off Over Hannity Flap: ‘Fox Isn’t State-Run Media, The State is Run by Fox’

While CNN and MSNBC Obsess Over Stormy Daniels, Fox News Covers a Real Crisis in Syria

Sean Hannity Responds After James Comey Says He Hasn’t Watched His Show

Hannity Goes Off Calling His ‘Holier-Than-Thou’ Critics Hypocrites: I’m ‘Honest About Who I Am!’

Fox News Staffers Reportedly Shocked by Hannity-Cohen Revelation: ‘This Is Bad’

Nikki Haley Fires Back After Kudlow Accuses Her of ‘Momentary Confusion’: ‘I Don’t Get Confused’

Amid Cohen Controversy, Hannity’s Show Most-Watched Monday Night… But Maddow Wins Demo

S.E. Cupp: Fox News ‘Increasingly Becoming Untethered’ from ‘What We Expect News to Be’

Chuck Todd ‘Stunned’ by Fox News Statement on Hannity: ‘No Punitive Response’?

McConnell: Passing Legislation to Protect Mueller ’Not Necessary,’ Don’t Think Trump Will Fire Him

CNN’s Stelter: If Maddow Was ‘Getting Secret Legal Advice From a Clinton Lawyer,’ Hannity Would Go Wild

Limbaugh Rips Media in Full-Throated Defense of Hannity: He’s ‘Three Times as Honest’ as Rest of Media

Fox News Stands Behind Hannity: ‘Surprised’ By Cohen Revelation But He Has ‘Our Full Support’

CNN Anchor Mocks Hannity: ‘I’m John Berman and Michael Cohen Is Not My Attorney’

Morning Joe Skewers Hannity With a Classic Clip From The Simpsons

Chuck Todd Takes Aim at Fox News: ‘No Serious News Org’ Would Allow Hannity to Cover Cohen

Morning Joe Reacts to Fox News Coverage of the Hannity News: ‘My God, How Awkward’

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