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Fox & Friends Bashes Press Corps Asking About Omarosa, Conveniently Forgets Fox News Reporter

Fox News’ Ed Henry Confronts Katrina Pierson: Do You Raise Your Son to Call Women Dogs?’

Outnumbered Hits Trump For Insulting Omarosa in ‘Terrible’ Tweets: ‘Why Use That Kind of Language?’

Fox News Anchor Cites Her Sister ‘Who Worked on The Apprentice‘ to Refute Trump’s Alleged Use of N-Word

Ex-Trump Aide Seb Gorka is Giving Out Fake Fox News Business Cards

White House Waives Ethics Rules to Let Bill Shine Communicate With Fox News, Larry Kudlow With CNBC

Fox News’ Outnumbered Hits Trump For Hiring Omarosa: ‘Epic Bad Judgment’

Fox & Friends Bids Tearful Farewell to Departing Host Abby Huntsman

Confronted by Brian Stelter Over Attacks on Press, Bill de Blasio Responds ‘There Is No Trump Without News Corp’

Jeanine Pirro to Robert Mueller: ‘Give up Your Phony Investigation’ and Get Your Own Defense Lawyer

Jeanine Pirro Asks Fox News Panel: Is Mueller ‘A Greater Threat’ to America Than Putin?

CNN’s Van Jones: ‘Zero Difference’ Between Laura Ingraham’s Demographics Talk and Neo-Nazi’s Message

Fox & Friends Guest: Democrats Have to Import Illegals for Votes After Stunting Black Population Growth With Abortion

Laura Ingraham Responds to Demographics Controversy, Disavows White Nationalists, ‘Racist Freak’

Hannity Slams MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for Pushing ‘Bizarre Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories and Lies’

Fox News Panel Slams CNN’s Jim Acosta: ‘If He Wants to Write Opinion, He Should Change Jobs’

EXCLUSIVE: Abby Huntsman Leaving Fox News for The View

Fox News Personalities Dominate New York Times Bestseller List, Including Number 1 and 2 Slots

Laura Ingraham Condemned For Segment on U.S. ‘Demographic Changes’: It’s the ‘Swan Song of White Nationalism’

‘He’s Out With the People’: Fox & Friends Runs North Korean Propaganda, Calls Kim Jong Un ‘Quite the Romantic’

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