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Fox News’s John Roberts Reacts to Trump Tweet: ‘That Makes Me an Enemy of the State’

Seth Meyers: Fox & Friends Were So ‘Freaked Out’ By Trump’s Summit, They Talked Directly To Him Thru The TV

Brian Stelter, S.E. Cupp Knock Trump-Russia Defenses from Fox: ‘Default Is Always to Bash the Media’

Shepard Smith Rips White House Pattern on Trump Remarks: ‘Say One Thing, Change It Later. Sort Of.’

Trump Stated 8 Complete Falsehoods in Tucker Carlson Interview. The Fox Host Corrected Him 0 Times.

Outnumbered Struggles to Come to Terms With Trump’s Latest Denial of Russian Meddling: It ‘Sounds… Insane?’

Fox & Friends 100% Buys Into Trump’s Absurd Russia Walk-Back: ‘He’s Certainly Not Putin’s Poodle’

Mark Levin Sounds Off on ‘Psychopaths’ in The Media: ‘They’ve Had More Positions on Russia Than Stormy Daniels’

Fox News Panel Erupts Over Russia: ‘You Act Like You’re Surprised That The Russians Act Like Russians!’

Fmr Fox Newser Kirsten Powers: If Obama Said All That in Helsinki, ‘Fox News Would Burn to the Ground’

Hannity Calls Trump-Putin Summit Coverage the ‘Single Worst 24 Hours’ in the History of the Media

Hannity: Trump Made It ‘Perfectly Clear’ With Clarification Today He ‘Trusts Our Intel Agencies’

Tucker Carlson: Trump ‘Bowed’ to US Intel Community Working to ‘Destroy’ Democracy

Hannity and Trump, Chris Wallace and Putin Earn Big Ratings For Fox News

CNN Effusively Praises Fox’s Chris Wallace for his Putin Interview: ‘A Master Class’

Fox News Billboard Vandalized in Los Angeles: ‘Fake News. Dishonest Opinion’

WATCH: Fox News Debate Rages After Ex-Bush Staffer Rips Obama For Saying We Live in ‘Strange Times’

Trump Defends ‘Nice Man’ Paul Manafort: They’re Treating Him Like He’s ‘Al Capone’

The Nation Editor Agrees With Tucker Carlson That Media, Left’s Reaction to Trump-Putin Presser ‘Like Mob Violence’

Tucker Carlson Dismisses Russian Meddling: Mexico Interferes Too By Having Immigrants Pack ‘Our Electorate’

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