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Bill O’Reilly’s Book Hits Number One on NY Times Best Seller List, Toppling Fox News Successor Tucker Carlson

Napolitano Says Trump Could Have FBI Kidnap Suspected Khashoggi Killers: ‘The President Has to Put This Fire Out’

Newt Gingrich: Election is ‘Life and Death Struggle With a Left-Wing Movement’ Trying to ‘Radicalize America’

Eric Trump Warns Fox & Friends Hosts: If Democrats Take the House They ‘Will Investigate YOU’

Fox News Announces New Shows From Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham on Streaming Service

Brian Stelter Battles Eric Bolling Over Fox News’ Coverage of Trump: You Can Admit They’re ‘Much Cozier’

Hannity Shreds ‘Con Artist’ Ben Sasse on Twitter: ‘If You Had It Your Way Hillary Clinton Would Be POTUS’

During Heated Segment on Melania, Juan Williams Brings Up Past Insults Lobbed at Michelle Obama on Fox News

Ben Sasse Rips Hannity For 20 Pages in New Book, Hannity Fires Back: ‘He Totally Conned Me’

Tucker Carlson Says He’s Being Heckled in Restaurants: Being Told ‘F*** You’ Wrecks Your Meal

Ben Shapiro Mocks Avenatti: ‘As Much of a Good Lawyer As Elizabeth Warren is Native American’

Guy Benson: ‘There’s a Very Real Possibility’ That Trump is ‘More Native American Than Elizabeth Warren’

Fox News’ Juan Williams: There’s No Real Separation Between Fox and Trump Admin

Fox News’s Melissa Francis Questions if Saudis Killed Missing Journalist: There Are Quieter Ways to Dispose of a Body

Fox & Friends Fears Alec Baldwin Wants Violent Revolution After He Calls to Vote Out GOP

Fox Hosts Rip SNL for Slamming Trump Supporters: ‘You are Either Crazy, Racist or Dumb’

CNN’s Reliable Sources on Hope Hicks and Bill Shine: The Fox ‘Revolving Door’ with Trump Admin ‘Very Real’

Jedediah Bila Slams Kanye Critics: ‘There Has Been a Character Assassination Against This Guy’

Rutgers University Cancels Appearance of Fox News Guest … Which Was About Free Speech on Campus

Tucker Carlson Compares Don Lemon to 1960s Segregationists For Criticizing Kanye West

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