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Sean Hannity Ducking Michael Avenatti Exposes What A Fraud Most of Cable News Has Become

Laura Ingraham Slams CNN’s Jim Acosta: ‘He’s a Rabid Anti-Trump Reporter’

Hannity Makes Bold Declaration After Kanye West’s Tweets: ‘It is a New Political Landscape in America’

Hannity Actually Praises CNN For Comey Coverage: Even ‘Total Lib’ Jeffrey Toobin Has Been Tough on Him

Comey on the Eve of His Fox News Appearance: I’m Going on a Network ‘That Thinks I Should Be in Jail’

Tucker Carlson Blasts Joy Reid’s ‘Childish Lie’ About Hacked Blog: ‘You’d Have to Be a Moron To Believe It’

Fox News Poll: Majority Says It’s Important for Mueller Probe to Continue

Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Takes Shot at ‘Lowly Bloggers’ in Defense of Seth Rich-Truther Scott Adams

The Media Yawns at Homophobic Posts on Joy Reid’s Blog…Now Imagine If It Were Hannity

New Report Claims NBC’s $69 Million Gamble on Megyn Kelly’s Show Is Bruising Other NBC Shows

Fox News Refutes Laura Loomer After She Boasts New Gig At ‘Fox Radio’: ‘Not Affiliated in Any Way’

WH Strategic Comms Director Mercedes Schlapp Defends Ronny Jackson: ‘These Are False Allegations’

After Spat With Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, Michael Avenatti Reaches Out to Hannity For Sit-Down

Michael Avenatti Calls Fox News’ MacCallum ‘Classless’: ‘Deceiving People’ About Why I Canceled

Howard Kurtz Hits CNN’s Dana Bash For ‘Cringe-Inducing’ Conway Interview: ‘Out of Bounds’

Avenatti: I’m Not Avoiding Fox News, But ‘They Don’t Seem to Want Me On Their Shows Much’

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Rips ‘Intense Media Reaction’ to Hannity: People Just Wildly Speculating

Fox News Guest Loses It on Ex-Clinton Aide Philippe Reines: ‘You Can’t Answer The Question You Fraud!’

Maher on Trump-Hannity Relationship: Imagine If ‘Obama Was Talking to Rachel Maddow Every Day’

Hannity Mocks ‘Crybabies’ at the DNC For Their ‘Completely Frivolous’ Lawsuit: ‘Sore Loser Democrats’

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