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John Yoo on Fox News: If Buzzfeed Report on Trump is True, it ‘Could Be the Smoking Gun’

Laura Ingraham: 2020 Democrats Will Have to ‘Kiss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Ring’

Throwback Thursday: Lindsey Graham And Laura Ingraham Used to Date

Laura Ingraham Praises Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Invites Her to Come On Her Show

Steve King Bashes McCarthy, Liz Cheney After House Condemnation: What Gives Her the ‘Moral Authority’ to Criticize Me?

Fox News Analyst Bizarrely Claims Trump Can’t Negotiate With Democrats Because They Support Open Borders

Sean Hannity: Trump Will Soon Reveal ‘Five Different Buckets’ of Secret Info on FBI Corruption

U.S. Attorney Goes Off on Fox News’s Gregg Jarrett’s Call For FBI to Be Shut Down: ‘Malicious’

Sen. Menendez Fumes When Confronted By Fox News Over Beach Pic: ‘You Guys Are Neither Fair Nor Balanced’

Noah Kotch Out as Editor in Chief of the Daily Mail After Just 7 Months

Rep. Peter King Rages Over ‘Disgraceful’ FBI Investigation of Trump: ‘Almost Like a Coup’

John Sununu Trashes Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Quantitatively Illiterate’ Millenial

Jeanine Pirro Admits She Spread False Claim About Nancy Pelosi During Trump Interview

Maria Bartiromo Demands Democratic Congressman Provide Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion in Heated Clash

Fox’s Griff Jenkins Says Poll Showing Most Americans Oppose Wall Means Trump ‘Will Eventually Win’

Trump to Pirro: ‘I Don’t Care’ if Putin Conversation Becomes Public

Trump Doesn’t Deny He’s a Russian Agent When Asked By Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro

Jorge Ramos to Laura Ingraham: President Trump Is ‘Afraid of Fox News’

Shepard Smith Appears to Swipe at Outnumbered For Trashing NYC: Crime is Low and ‘Streets Are Clean’

Fox News Panel Bizarrely Decides ‘Filthy’ NYC is ‘More Dangerous Than Ever’, Ignoring Record Low Crime

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