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Joel Payne Reacts to Bossie’s ‘Cotton-Picking’ Remark on MSNBC: ‘Par for the Course’ in Trumpworld

Howard Kurtz Hits Back at Fox Talent Denouncing Fox News: ‘What Are These Guys Giving Up?’

Fox Contributor David Bossie Apologizes for Racist ‘Cotton-Picking’ Comment

George Takei Slams ‘Grotesque’ Immigration Rhetoric from Trump and Fox News: They’re Repeating Lies

Ed Henry Apologizes for David Bossie’s ‘Cotton-Picking’ Fox & Friends Remarks: ‘We ‘Don’t Agree With That’

Fox’s David Bossie Tells Democrat Joel Payne ‘You’re Out of Your Cotton-Picking Mind’ About Dog Whistles

Laura Ingraham: The Left’s Constant Nazi Comparisons Are ‘Why They Are Going To Get Killed in 2020’

Chris Cuomo Calls Out Fox News for ‘Deliberately Downplaying’ Child Migrant Crisis All Week

Ex-Fox Analyst Ralph Peters Condemns Pro-Trump Hosts on MSNBC: Sold Their Souls ‘So Cheaply’

Fox News’ Kennedy Hits MSNBC’s Ruhle, CNN’s Powers For Playing Up Melania Jacket Flap: ‘Bunch of Clucking Hens’

Tucker Carlson Decries Emotional Rachel Maddow Segment as ‘Propaganda’

Colleagues Pay Tribute to Charles Krauthammer: ‘Your Legacy Will Live On Here’

Scarborough Rips Tucker Carlson For Declaring ‘War’ on Media: Fox News Has ‘Swallowed the President’s Lies’

Tucker Carlson and Radio Host Tammy Bruce Gush Over Trump Rally: ‘Incredible Crowd’

Fox News Chyron Trashes Other Networks For ‘Ignoring’ Trump’s ‘Presidential’ Rally

Laura Ingraham at Border Ahead of Trump Executive Order: Stop Playing Politics and Act

Baltimore Sun Critic Skewers Fox News as Trump’s ‘Propaganda Puppets’: Like We’re in ‘Communist Country’

Rep. Peter King Compares Mueller Investigators to ‘Twelve Klansmen’ Trying Innocent Black Man

Fox News Host Appeals to Lewandowski’s ‘Heartstrings’ Over ‘Womp Womp’ Response to Disabled Child

The Hill‘s Joe Concha Blasts ‘Agenda-Based’ Reporting: ‘You Can’t Be a Journalist and Advocate’

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