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Lindsey Graham: The FBI/DOJ’s Handling of the Clinton Email Probe is ‘Dangerous to Democracy’

Laura Ingraham Blasted For Calling Child Detention Centers ‘Summer Camps’: Would She Send Her Own Kids?

Ann Coulter Cites Article From 2011 as Proof Child Migrants at Border are ‘Actors’ — Its Author Responds

Fox News’ Kennedy Slams Jason Chaffetz for Call to Vet Child Migrants: ‘I’m Sure These Mini Rapists All Have Bombs’

Alan Dershowitz Makes Direct Appeal to Trump on Fox & Friends: ‘I Implore You to Stop’ Migrant Policy Now

Kurtz Challenges Rob Reiner for Calling Fox ‘State-Run’: Presume You Know Fox Has Thriving News Division

Seth MacFarlane Rips Tucker Carlson For Anti-Media Tirade: Makes Me ‘Embarrassed to Work For’ Fox

Fox News Host Calls Out Pro-Trump Guest For Trying to ‘Discredit’ Mueller Probe: ‘You Can’t Have It Both Ways!’

Ingraham Hits Ex-RNC Chair Steele For Saying Trump’s Running ‘Concentration Camps’: ‘I’m Really Disappointed in You’

Roger Stone Calls the Mueller Probe ‘Orwellian’: ‘I’m Being Persecuted’ For Supporting Trump

Trump Praises Kim Jong Un: I Want My People to Treat Me Like North Koreans Treat Him

Steve Doocy Giddy About Trump’s Tease He Might Visit Fox & Friends on WH Lawn: He Could Make ‘History’

Trump Notices Fox & Friends Filming on WH Lawn, Says He ‘Might Take Unannounced Trip Down to See Them’

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt Calls the IG Report the ‘Full Ruination of James Comey’: ‘This is Horrible For Him’

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Attacks CNN’s Brian Karem for Questioning Sarah Sanders: ‘He’s the Press Club Hobo’

Fox News’s Outnumbered Trashes Clinton Foundation Over News NY AG is Suing Trump Foundation

Laura Ingraham: I Don’t Think ‘God is a Soy Boy’

Absurd Call For Fox News to Fire Kimberly Guilfoyle Over Don Jr. Romance Ignores History of Media-Politics Relations

Frank Luntz Goes After CNN’s Brian Stelter: It’s ‘Disgusting’ Media Doesn’t Give POTUS Credit

Shepard Smith Mocks Trump’s Claims North Korea is No Longer Nuclear Threat: ‘Sleep Well, America!’

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