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Jesse Watters on Models Trump is Accused of Sexually Harassing: ‘He Gave Those Women a Lot of Opportunities!’

Jesse Watters Concedes He Would Have Been Apoplectic if Obama Skipped Arlington on Veterans Day

WATCH: Fox News Correspondent Reports on Malibu Wildfires From Block Where He Used to Live, Now in Ruin

CNN’s Brianna Keilar: ‘Scary Caravan Talk’ from Trump and Fox News Dropped a Lot After Midterms

Poll: Lester Holt Most Trusted News Anchor in America, Tucker Carlson Most Loved By Republicans

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: CNN Has a ‘Very Good Case’ Against the White House For Pulling Acosta’s Credential

Napolitano Says Whitaker’s Appointment is ‘Unlawful’: DOJ is ‘Almost at the Point of the Saturday Night Massacre’

Kat Timpf: I Was Accosted in a Bar Because I Work For Fox News, Woman ‘Started Screaming’

Fox News Panel Clashes Over Whether Acosta Should Lose His Press Pass: ‘That’s Ridiculous’

Tucker Carlson Denies Avenatti’s Claim of Alleged Assault, Says Man Called His Daughter a ‘W****’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Responds to Criticism From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Come on the Show’

Fox News Reporter: WSJ‘s Story on Trump’s Payoffs to Stormy Daniels/Karen McDougal is a ‘Really Big Deal’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Rips Fox News for ‘Repeating Lies’ After Segment Mocking Her Struggle to Pay Rent

Seb Gorka: ‘Direct Line’ Between Jim Acosta’s Behavior and Tucker Carlson Protest

A.B. Stoddard on Fox News: The White House Pulling Jim Acosta’s Press Pass Was ‘Kremlinesque’

Tucker Carlson Weighs in on Protesters Outside His House: ‘It’s Totalitarian in Its Intent’

Lindsey Graham After Being Confronted With Past Remarks Vowing ‘Hell to Pay’ if Session Fired: ‘When Was That?’

Fox News Denies Report That Ryan Zinke Has Spoken to Network About Joining as Contributor

D.C. Police Reportedly Open Criminal Investigation Into Protest at Tucker Carlson’s House

Chris Wallace: CNN Stood With Us When Obama Targeted Fox, But Jim Acosta Makes Solidarity ‘Awfully Hard’

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