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Chris Wallace Shuts Down Pro-Trump Guest’s Talking Points on Mueller: ‘Height of Rushing to Judgment’

John Roberts Says Trump Not Happy with Fox Over McCain Questions: ‘Glared at Me Like Never I’ve Seen Him Glare’ Before

‘Kill or Be Killed’: Inside the Ad Boycotts and Power Transfers Shaping the New Fox News

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Says Right-Wing Media Is to Blame for the Violent Threats Against Her

Mark Levin Visits Hannity, Goes Off Over 2020 Democrat Hopefuls: ‘This is a Sick Party! These are Sick People!’

The Five Wonders What George Conway is Trying to Get from Trump Feud: ‘Maybe he’s Angling for a CNN Contributorship’

Watch Shepard Smith’s Flabbergasted Real-Time Reaction to Trump’s Latest ‘Crazy’ McCain Attacks

Donna Brazile Defends Joining Fox in Heated New Interview: ‘Come On, Sir, I Wasn’t Born Yesterday’

Huckabee ‘So Proud’ of Nunes Lawsuit Against Twitter: They’re a ‘Contributing Force to the Democratic Party’

Toobin: 50 People Died in New Zealand and Trump’s Worked Up About ‘The Tragedy That Befell Jeanine Pirro’

Fox Host Kennedy Goes Full Trump With Terrible Beto Nickname ‘Beta O’Dork’: ‘He’s a Beta Male!’

MSNBC Guest: Fox News Is the ‘Singular Cause of This Kind of Hate and Discourse’ in the Country

Donna Brazile Addresses Skeptics in Fox News Debut: The ‘Fox Family’ Has Same Concerns as Many Dems

Ex-DNC Chair Donna Brazile Signs With Fox News as a Contributor

John Oliver Buries Tucker Carlson: He’s the Answer to the Question ‘What if the Sound THUD Grew a Face?’

Trump Blasts ‘Lowest Rated’ Shepard Smith and Other Fox Anchors: ‘Should Be Working’ at CNN

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Unfavorable Poll Numbers, Says Fox News Has Turned Into ‘AOC TMZ’

Bill Maher Bashes Democrats for Not Going on Fox News: ‘How Very Trump of You’

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera: ‘Crazy Mass Murdering Fiend’ was ‘Motivated by the Immigration Crisis’

Lawyer for Ex-Fox News Reporter Calls Ken LaCorte a ‘Liar,’ Says Someone Above Him Killed Stormy Piece

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