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Fox Guest Says Trump’s Saudi Statement Shows ‘Weakness’: He’s ‘Not Acting in the Best Interest of This Country’

Fox Contributor Hits Ivanka for ‘Unforgivable’ Use of Private Email: ‘Was She Not Around for the 2016 Campaign?’

Laura Ingraham Scolds Trump for Twitter Attack on Adam Schiff: ‘There’s No Reason for That’

Trump Reveals How He Makes Decisions to Chris Wallace: ‘I Don’t Think About Them’

Trump Slams Navy SEAL: ‘Wouldn’t It Have Been Nice If We Got Osama Bin Laden a Lot Sooner’

SNL Spoofs Fox News and Laura Ingraham in Cold Open

Trump Admits Mistake: ‘I Should Have’ Gone to Arlington on Veterans Day

Laura Ingraham Jokes About Avenatti’s Domestic Violence Arrest: ‘He’s a Heck of a Right Hook’

Lou Dobbs Spreads Baseless Claim That ‘Many’ Illegal Immigrants Voted in Midterms: They’re ‘Having an Immense Impact’

CNN’s KFile Accuses Tucker Carlson of Spreading ‘Lies’ About Him

Trouble in Paradise? Trump Reportedly Mocks Hannity’s Suck-Up Interviews Behind His Back

Fox Nation Targets New York’s Closeted Conservatives With Billboard Campaign: ‘Feeling Left Out?’

CNN’s Brian Stelter Commends ‘News Side’ at Fox News For Defending Jim Acosta

Fox’s Howard Kurtz: The White House Turned CNN’s Jim Acosta Into a ‘Journalistic Martyr’

Fox News Backs CNN Lawsuit: WH Passes ‘Should Never Be Weaponized’

Former ICE Director Tom Homan Thanks Fox News For Defending Agency Against ‘Abolish ICE’ Movement

Jesse Watters on Models Trump is Accused of Sexually Harassing: ‘He Gave Those Women a Lot of Opportunities!’

Jesse Watters Concedes He Would Have Been Apoplectic if Obama Skipped Arlington on Veterans Day

WATCH: Fox News Correspondent Reports on Malibu Wildfires From Block Where He Used to Live, Now in Ruin

CNN’s Brianna Keilar: ‘Scary Caravan Talk’ from Trump and Fox News Dropped a Lot After Midterms

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