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Jeanine Pirro Unloads on Trump’s Omnibus: ‘President is Surrounded by Incompetent, Inept Warriors’

Trump Supporters Diamond and Silk Slam Joe Biden: ‘He Didn’t Have the Guts to Run’ For President

Laura Ingraham Blasts Trump’s Decision to Sign Spending Bill: ‘I Tried to Warn Him’

Joe Biden Unleashes on Trump Picking John Bolton: ‘It’s a Virtual Disaster’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Leads Demo on Thursday, Hannity Third In Demo at 9 PM

This Would Have Been Quite a Week For Fox News… If Only a Democrat Were the President

CNN’s Brian Stelter Criticized For Referring to Fmr UN Amb. John Bolton as a Fox News ‘Talking Head’

Hannity Calls CNN’s Jeff Zucker ‘The Porn King’ For Network’s ‘Nonstop’ Stormy Daniels Coverage

Tucker Carlson Hits CNN’s Jeff Zucker For Fox News ‘Propaganda’ Slam: He’s an ‘Agent of Foreign Governments’

New National Security Adviser John Bolton: Trump’s Congratulatory Putin Call a ‘Matter of Being Polite’

John Bolton Says He ‘Didn’t Expect’ NSC Announcement Today: ‘I Think I Still Am a Fox News Contributor’

Tucker Carlson Dominates Time Slot on Wednesday, MSNBC’s Hayes Third In Demo at 8 PM

Eric Bolling: I’d Work For Trump For a Dollar

Hannity Fires Back After Jeff Zucker Scorches Fox News: There’s a ‘Reason Crowds Chant CNN Sucks’

CNN Head Jeff Zucker Takes Flamethrower to Fox News: ‘Pure Propaganda Machine,’ Not a News Channel

Rep. Jim Jordan Rails Against Budget Deal: ‘May Be The Worst Bill I Have Seen in My Time in Congress’

Fox News Execs Reportedly ‘Rattled’ By Ralph Peters Resignation: ‘Hit Like A Bombshell’

Conservative Commentator Hails Ralph Peters, Excoriates Fox News: ‘The American Version of RT’

Tucker Carlson Says Good Riddance to Ralph Peters: Him Likening Me to a Nazi Apologist ‘Says it All’

Former Obama Adviser Blasts Tucker Carlson Segment: ‘Equal Parts Racist, Dumb, and Inaccurate’

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