Stormy Daniels Coyly Suggests She Didn’t Write Denial of Trump Affair


On Tuesday night, Stormy Daniels appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to… not exactly talk about the alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the interview by addressing her “official statement” that was released just prior to her sit-down that completely denies she ever had a sexual relationship with the then-reality star. However, Kimmel did some investigative work after he noticed that the signature on the new statement doesn’t exactly look like the signature found in her previous statement nor on her autographs of her head shots.

“Did you sign this letter that was released today?” Kimmel asked.

“I don’t know, did I?” Daniels responded. “That doesn’t look like my signature, does it?”

“So you’re saying, perhaps, this letter was written and released without your approval,” he followed up.

Daniels simply made a look and laughed, hinting that she may be bound to a non-disclosure agreement.

“Do you know where it came from? Do you have any idea?” Kimmel then asked.

“I do not know where it came from,” she answered. “It came from the internet!”

She also joked that based on the internet, she also “works for the FBI” and she’s “a man.”.

“Is that right? Well, we’ll have to do a full examination,” Kimmel joked.

Daniels has caused quite a firestorm in recent weeks after the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid the porn star $130,000 to refrain from speaking about her alleged affair with Trump during the 2016 election.

Later on during the interview, Kimmel attempted to have her reenacted what may have happened with Trump using puppets. Let’s just say he wasn’t successful.

Watch the interview above, via ABC.

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