Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel: Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘Should Be Fired’ For Sharing Doctored Video of Jim Acosta

Dennis Miller Tells Kimmel Why He’s Conservative: Liberalism is ‘Like a Nude Beach…Sounds Good Until You Get There’

Kimmel Touts Cherry-Picked Polls on Medicare For All, Gun Laws, Insists ‘This is What Americans Believe’

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Dupes Voters Into Saying They Cast Their Ballot For TV Characters

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2018’

Kimmel: Kanye West and Trump’s Conversation is ‘Typically Held Between People Wearing Hospital Bracelets’

Kimmel Rips Trump’s Healthcare Op-Ed: You Didn’t Keep Your Promise on Pre-Existing Conditions!

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Hannity’s Double Standard Celebration of Trump’s Kanye Summit

John Goodman Shares His Struggles After Roseanne’s Departure: ‘I Crashed For a Couple of Weeks’

Stormy Daniels: I Got So Much Hate Mail from ‘Mario Kart’ Fans For Comparing Trump’s Penis to Toad

Stormy Daniels Demonstrates on Jimmy Kimmel How She Spanked Donald Trump

Kimmel Hits Lindsey Graham: He Lit Up ‘Like Someone Left a Thumbtack On Liberace’s Piano Bench’

Late Night Comedians Have a Field Day With Stormy’s Description of Trump’s Junk

Hannity Rips The View, ‘Idiot’ Kimmel For Going After Melania: ‘I Can’t Believe the Vile, Vicious Attacks’

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks POTUS’ Lincoln Comments by Imagining a Trump-Style Gettysburg Address

Move Over, Mike Pence! Jimmy Kimmel is Now Convinced Jared Kushner Wrote The NYT Op-Ed

Jimmy Kimmel is Convinced VP Mike Pence Wrote NYT Op-Ed

Kanye Addresses Kimmel’s Trump Question, Apologizes for Saying Slavery is ‘A Choice’

Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Sean Hannity: ‘He’s a Lunatic’

Kimmel Trashes Colorado Baker For Refusing to Bake Transgender-Themed Cake: ‘His Whole Life is Gay!’

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