Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel Mocks Trump’s Post AL Senate Election Tweets: ‘Does He Not Know How Stacked Decks Work?’

Jimmy Kimmel Advocates for Children’s Healthcare While Holding His Son: ‘Fully Fund CHIP Immediately!’

Jimmy Kimmel Donates to Doug Jones Campaign After Twitter Beef with Roy Moore

Watch Kimmel Explain The Flynn/Trump/Mueller Dynamic Using Star Wars Characters

Kimmel Accepts Roy Moore’s Challenge… To An Actual Fight: ‘Alright, Tough Guy? With Your Little Pistol!’

Jake Tapper: Alabama Could Become ‘Something of a Laughingstock’ If It Elects Roy Moore

Kimmel Accepts Roy Moore’s ‘Man to Man’ Challenge: ‘But I’m Leaving My Daughters at Home!’

Roy Moore Challenges Kimmel: If You Want to Mock Alabama Values, ‘Do It Man to Man’

Kimmel Slams Roy Moore’s Lawyer For MSNBC Interview: Maybe Moore ‘Found Him At The Mall’

‘WikiLeaks’ Hacks Into Kimmel To Clarify Their Relationship With Don Jr.: We’re ‘Friends With Benefits’

Kimmel Reads Praise He Received From Trump Supporters After He Rebranded Obamacare ‘Trumpcare’

No Joke? Jimmy Kimmel Earnestly Promotes Healthcare.Gov By Rebranding it as TrumpCare

Brian Kilmeade on Jimmy Kimmel ‘Threat’: ‘I Couldn’t Believe How Personal He Went’

Kimmel Rips Bill De Blasio For Not Cheering on Yankees: ‘Might Be The Stupidest F**king Thing I’ve Ever Heard’

Jimmy Kimmel Slams His Conservative Critics: They’re Just Trying to Become ‘Fox News’ Commentators

Jimmy Kimmel Insists ‘I’m Nobody’s Moral Arbiter’

Kimmel Wants Trump on His Show: ‘I Could Turn Him Around on a Couple of Things’

Jimmy Kimmel May Have Found The Way To Prevent Trump From Tweeting: ‘A Fidget Spinner’

Hey Jimmy Kimmel, Where’s Your Emotional Monologue on Sexual Harassment in Hollywood?

Old Clip Resurfaces of Kimmel Having Women Guess What’s In His Pants: Maybe ‘Put Your Mouth On It’

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