Jimmy Kimmel

Late Night Comedians Have a Field Day With Stormy’s Description of Trump’s Junk

Hannity Rips The View, ‘Idiot’ Kimmel For Going After Melania: ‘I Can’t Believe the Vile, Vicious Attacks’

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks POTUS’ Lincoln Comments by Imagining a Trump-Style Gettysburg Address

Move Over, Mike Pence! Jimmy Kimmel is Now Convinced Jared Kushner Wrote The NYT Op-Ed

Jimmy Kimmel is Convinced VP Mike Pence Wrote NYT Op-Ed

Kanye Addresses Kimmel’s Trump Question, Apologizes for Saying Slavery is ‘A Choice’

Jimmy Kimmel Goes After Sean Hannity: ‘He’s a Lunatic’

Kimmel Trashes Colorado Baker For Refusing to Bake Transgender-Themed Cake: ‘His Whole Life is Gay!’

Tom Arnold: Trump and Burnett Haven’t Called Me a Liar on N-Word Tape: ‘They Know It’s True’

Wolf Blitzer to Kimmel: ‘Very Mad’ When Trump Calls The Media ‘Enemy of the People’

Kanye West Shares His Porn Habits With Kimmel

Kimmel Leaves Kanye West Speechless By Asking if Trump Cares About Black People

Kanye Wests Urges Trump Critics to ‘Try Love’: ‘We Can Defuse This Nuclear Bomb of Hate’

Kanye West Says Putting on MAGA Hat Was ‘Overcoming Fear’ of Backlash: ‘Liberals Can’t Bully Me’

Megyn Kelly to Oscars: Ditch Jimmy Kimmel for Host ‘Who Hasn’t Intentionally Alienated Half the Country’

Kimmel Appeals to Trump on Climate Change With PSA Showing His Golf Courses in Danger

Bret Baier to Kimmel: Trump Likes Fox News’ Opinion Shows More Than Its News Shows

Fox News’ Bret Baier Tells Kimmel Defending CNN Reporter Was ‘No Brainer’: You Must ‘Stand For Access’

Kimmel Introduces New Board Game That Mocks Trump’s Spelling: ‘SCRABULL’

Sean Spicer Tells Kimmel Press Secretary Job is ‘Kill the Messenger’ Situation: I ‘Expressed What the President Believed’

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