The View Audience LOLs After Jeanine Pirro Says ‘I Know a Con When I See It’


Fox News host and former judge Jeanine Pirro appeared on The View on Thursday for an interview that was practically fated to be a debacle and, for the most part, met its fate.

Pirro was on the show promoting her new book, “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy”. The two segment interview covered a variety of topics that were all Donald Trump.

At one point, after returning from the break and in response to a question from co-host Sarah Haines on why she wrote the book, Pirro answered that it was because of her experience with criminal justice.

“Well, I wrote the book because I have — I’m not an ideologue,” said the Fox News opinion talk show host. “I have been in the crime business for over three decades. I said that before. I know a con when I see it. And I think that was has happened–”

The audience paused while that sunk in before breaking out into laughter at the idea. But she persisted.

“I think that what has happened, truly, in the last campaign, and everybody needs to be concerned about that,” said Pirro. “Lady justice is supposed to be blind. And when you start creating fake investigations, fake counterintelligence… You saw it yourself with Peter Strzok, who comes out and basically says he hates the president and he’s gonna take care of everything. They then go to a judge and get a warrant. That’s a problem for me, and it should be a problem–”

At that point there was some crosstalk (which was the theme of both segments), but Pirro continued again.

“Look, I’ve been a judge. I’ve signed those things. The warrant was based on a fake document by an opposing candidate in a national presidential race, this is what happens in third world countries,” she said.

“It was not only based on that and you know it,” said co-host Sunny Hostin.

Then there was more crosstalk. And then some more.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC.

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