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Joy Behar Unleashes on ‘Probably Guilty’ Kavanaugh: ‘Take a Lie Detector Test!’

The View Cracks Up Over Stormy Daniels Comparing Trump’s Penis to Nintendo’s Toad: ‘You Can’t Make This Up’

The View Battles Over Kavanaugh: GOP Won’t Blow Their ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ to Overturn Roe

Schumer on The View: Christine Ford’s Allegations ‘Extremely Credible,’ Feinstein Did the Right Thing With Letter

The View Clashes Over Kavanaugh Allegations: Timing of Letter is ‘Very Political’

Joy Behar: Julie Chen Can’t Return to The Talk Until She ‘Comes Clean’ on Husband Les Moonves

The View Tears Into Tucker Carlson for Avenatti Interview: The Whole of Fox News Was a ‘Sleaze Factory!’

WATCH: Norm MacDonald Explains #MeToo, Down Syndrome Comments in Strange View Segment

Abby Huntsman Clashes With View Colleagues on Puerto Rico: ‘Unfair’ to Compare Trump to Dictators

Stormy Daniels Lights Up Rudy Giuliani on The View: He Looks Like Mr. Toad

Joy Behar on Donald Trump: ‘God Forbid’ He ‘Lives Another 20 Years’

The View‘s Sunny Hostin Shreds Trump Over Puerto Rico: The U.S. Government ‘Allowed Its Own Citizens to Die’

The View Grills George Papadopoulos: Did The Trump Campaign ‘Set You Up?’

Hannity Rips The View, ‘Idiot’ Kimmel For Going After Melania: ‘I Can’t Believe the Vile, Vicious Attacks’

Omarosa Tells The View Why She Think’s Mike Pence’s Chief of Staff Wrote NY Times Op-Ed

Omarosa Drops New Tape, Apologizes For Being ‘Co-Conspirator’ in Robbing Election From Hillary Clinton

Joy Behar Smacks Trump For Calling NYT Op-Ed ‘Treason’: ‘He Committed Treason’ at Putin Summit!

The View’s Audience, Hosts Erupt in Cheers After Playing Kaepernick Nike Ad: ‘YES!’

The View Debates ‘Smelly’ NY Times Op-Ed: ‘This Person is Probably Saving Our Country’

The View Laughs Out Loud at Trump’s Cringeworthy Call With Bob Woodward

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