Sunny Hostin

No Democrat Has a Coherent Plan For Reparations, Bernie’s Just Sounds the Worst

Abby Huntsman Criticizes the Meadows ‘Black Friend’ Strategy: Ask Your Black Friends If It’s a ‘Good Idea’

The View‘s Debate on Late-Term Abortion Bill Melts Down: ‘Can I Just Finish!?’

The View Hosts Determine Elizabeth Warren is Not ‘A Bad Bitch’ But Klobuchar and Kamala Are

The View Tees Off on Senate Intel Finding No Collusion: What Do They Need, a ‘Hello Vladimir’ Phone Call?

The View Debates Liam Neeson’s Shocking Confession: He Was Considering ‘A Modern Day Lynching’

The View‘s Sunny Hostin Eviscerates WH Leaker for Releasing Trump’s ‘Executive Time’ Schedule: ‘Despicable’

The View Confronts Christie on Why He Backed Trump: He Trashed You Over Bridgegate, ‘Those Are Shots Fired!’

The View Dings Lara Trump for Comments About Shutdown: ‘Such a Bad Look’

Joy Behar Fights Off View-Mates, Defends Rep. Tlaib’s ‘Impeach the Motherf*cker’ Remark: ‘I Identify With Her’

The View Blasts Trump Criticism From ‘Shapeshifter’ Mitt Romney: Don’t Think He Has a ‘Real Moral Center’

The View Has a Field Day Over Mueller, SDNY Memos: Trump May Not Be Guilty But Looks Like ‘Individual-1’ Is

The View Clashes Over Trump’s Climate Report: ‘There’s So Much Hypocrisy on the Left’

The View Shreds Trump For Attacks on WH Reporters: ‘Irresponsible, Offensive, and Condemnable’

The View Condemns Hannity For ‘Fake News’ Jab at Trump Rally: Puts Fox News-ers in a ‘Really Tough Situation’

The View Criticizes SNL’s Pete Davidson Over ‘Tone-Deaf’ Joke: ‘Why Take Potshots’ Like That?

The View Quotes CNN Staffer on Evacuation: ‘This is What Happens When The President Calls You The Enemy of the People’

The View Clashes Over Trump’s ‘Fear-Mongering’ on Migrant Caravan: ‘He Makes Up Everything’

The View Clashes Over Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Ancestry Claim: ‘Pretty Embarrassing For Her’

The View Tears Into Hillary Clinton’s Defense of Bill: She ‘Changed the Subject’ Just Like Republicans

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