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Trish Regan: Dems Like Pelosi, Schiff, Maxine Waters Are the Ones Doing Putin’s Bidding

Fox Business anchor Trish Regan said tonight, in response to Democrats’ comments about how President Donald Trump does Vladimir Putin’s bidding, said if anything those Democrats are the one guilty of being “Putin’s man.”

Accompanied by a DEMS’ *WAR* ON DEMOCRACY graphic, Regan went off on Democrats over Speaker Nancy Pelosiholding the articles of impeachment instead of sending them to the Senate so far.

She brought up comments from CongresswomanMaxine Waters, including a few days ago when she called the president “Putin’s puppet,” with Regan finding that striking “when she and her fellow Dems, with the help of the American media, have done everything they possibly can to undermine Americans’ faith in our institutions.”

Regan spoke with Congressman Mark Green and said, “Americans deserve more than this.”

At one point as they discussed Waters, Green said, “They’re out there saying this president is some kind of Putin’s man. If he’s Putin’s man, why have the sanctions actually increased? If he’s Putin’s man, why has lethal aid forced Putin to actually negotiate for a ceasefire with Zelensky?”

He called it “ridiculous.”

“I would argue Maxine Waters is Putin’s gal. So Is Nancy Pelosi. Adam Schiff, frankly, is Putin’s man,” Regan said. “And they may not even know it. They’ve probably never had a conversation with any of him or his top people… but Congressman, they’re doing his bidding. Because everything that they’ve done has made us question our institutions.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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