Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Says Mueller Probe in Peril: Whitaker’s Appointment ‘Does Violence to The Constitution’

Top Pelosi-Backing Democratic Congressman: It’s NOT a Forgone Conclusion She Will be the Next Speaker

Nancy Pelosi Vows House Dems Will Fight for ‘Solutions to Prevent Gun Violence’ After California Shooting

Nancy Pelosi Makes Gaffe During Victory Speech: ‘Let’s Hear it For More Pre-Existing Medical Conditions!’

Chuck Todd on Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Think It’s a Given’ She Becomes Speaker After Dem House Victory

Michael Moore Blasts Nancy Pelosi For Declaring Dems Will ‘Win’ Midterms: ‘That’s What Happened in 2016!’

The Late Show Awkwardly Has Nancy Pelosi Do a Blind Taste Test: ‘I Don’t Know What The Purpose of This Is…’

Colbert Confronts Nancy Pelosi on How She’s a ‘Polarizing Figure’: GOP Uses You as a ‘Cudgel’ Against Dems

Nancy Pelosi: ‘You Will See Evidence’ of the Political Climate Calming When Dems Take Back The House

Colbert Begs Nancy Pelosi Not to Say Dems Will ‘Win’ Midterms: ‘Do You Want To Say That on Hillary’s Fireworks Barge?’

Newt Gingrich Claims Odds are ‘2 Out of 3’ That Pelosi Will Be Speaker Post-Midterms

Pelosi and Schumer: Trump’s Words ‘Ring Hollow Until He Reverses His Statements That Condone Acts of Violence’

Mob of Protesters Harasses Nancy Pelosi in Florida: ‘You Don’t Belong Here You F**king Communist!’

Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Was Always Suspicious’ That a ‘Financial Transaction’ Affected Trump’s Treatment of Saudis

Nancy Pelosi: Kavanaugh ‘Was Doing an Imitation of President Trump’

Dems So Certain They’ll Win the House They’re Already Planning 2019 Agenda Focused on Health Care

Trump Ridiculed For Weird Video Calling to ‘Abolish’ ISIS Instead of ICE: Reminds Me of ‘Crazy Eddie’

Parkland Student David Hogg Calls for New Dem Leadership in NY Mag Cover Story: ‘Pelosi is Old’

Rep. Eric Swalwell: I Am Considering Presidential Run After Midterm Elections

Nancy Pelosi Mocks GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy for Not Knowing How Twitter Works

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