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Trucking Company Owner Says He’ll Vote for Trump Again Despite Trade War: ‘I Don’t Blame Him For It’

CNN’s Martin Savidge has conducted a new series of interviews with Donald Trump’s supporters, including those who say they’ll vote for the president again despite being hurt by the administration’s trade wars.

Mark Zimmerman, owner of Zimmerman Truck Lines, spoke to Savidge in Pennsylvania about recent indications that trucking company charge rates are plummeting around the country. Savidge explained that Trump’s trade wars have much to do with this because companies are no longer asking for as many trucks to move imported goods coming into U.S. ports.

Zimmerman said company revenue is down 8 percent from last year, and that “the trucking industry is a challenge. Every day we come to work is a fight.”

Zimmerman conceded that Trump’s trade wars are a factor to his business’ setbacks, “but I don’t blame him for it,” and “I am 100 percent certain I’m voting for President Trump in 2020.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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