Trump Hammered at Presser on Whether He Believes Kavanaugh Accusers: ‘These are False Accusations’


During a rare solo press conference on Wednesday, President Donald Trump was hammered by reporters on whether or not he believes the women accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“Mr. President, there are now three women accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. Are you saying that all three of those women are liars?” ABC’s Jonathan Karl said before further probing if there is anything that may happen during tomorrow’s hearing that may cause him to withdraw the nomination.

“I won’t get into that game. I only tell you this. This is one of the highest quality people that I have ever met. And everybody that knows him says the same thing. And these are all false, to me. These are false accusations in certain cases, and certain cases even the media agrees with that,” Trump replied.

He added: “I can only say that what they have done to this man is incredible.”

Then, after the president asked why they waited so long to come forward with the accusations, Trump said this: “Now, the FBI, as you know, did investigate this time, as they have five or six other times. And they did a very thorough investigation. But this is a big con job. And I would love to be in the room with the Democrats, close the door, you guys are all away, outside, waiting. And Schumer and his buddies are all in there laughing, how they fooled you all. Let’s just stop them a big fat con.”

Karl then followed up with this question: “Mr. President, if I could follow up, you have daughters. Can you understand why a victim of sexual assault would not report it at the time? Don’t you understand?”

“By the way, I only say this — 36 years. No charge. No nothing,” Trump replied.

Karl then noted that happens often.

Trump, though, was unmoved.

“People are going to have to make a decision,” he said. “36 years. There’s no charge.”

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