comScore Wanda Sykes (And Larry David) Talk Medical Bias on John Oliver

Wanda Sykes Takes Over John Oliver’s Show to Tackle Bias in Medicine (With Help From Larry David)


John Oliver last night talked about bias in medicine on the basis of race and sex, and ended up handing things over to Wanda Sykes.

Sykes joked about medical bias in her recent Netflix special Not Normal, saying, “Because of racism, black people, we don’t even get our hands on opioids. They don’t even give them to us. White people get opioids like they’re Tic Tacs. It amazes me how many opioids you motherfuckers have… I had a double mastectomy. You know what they sent my black ass home with? Ibu-fucking-profen.”

On Last Week Tonight, Sykes laid out examples of what can be done to address bias in medicine, including bias training, more diversity in hospitals, and — “until they do those first two things” — patients advocating for themselves.

But Sykes also suggested another option for women and people of color at the hospital: “bring a white man.”

“Basically, if your doctor’s ignoring you, just bring a white man to repeat everything you’re saying,” she explained.

And that’s where Larry David comes in. David recorded a few bits for the show with various medical complaints, like having “a lady heart attack” and even saying, “Oy, my uterus is killing me!” (And there’s more where that came from.)

You can watch above, via HBO.

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