GOP Senator Dismisses Grover Norquist: ‘I Care More About My Country’ Than His Tax Pledge

Appearing on a local Georgia television station Wednesday evening, Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) said that fixing America’s debt woes may require him breaking with anti-tax activist Grover Norquist‘s long-standing pledge, saying that “I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge.”

Chambliss is one of the many signees of Norquist’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” which originated in 1986 through his organization Americans for Tax Reform.

The senior Georgia senator said that Norquist’s pledge may not help end the debt problem. “If we do it his way then we’ll continue in debt, and I just have a disagreement with him about that,” he told the local network 13-WMAZ. Chambliss added that Norquist’s hardline opposition to increased government revenue through taxes adds to the debt problem and is a “fundamental disagreement.”

Asked whether Norquist would likely turn against him for his potential abandonment of the pledge during his upcoming 2014 re-election campaign, Chambliss dismissed concerns: “I don’t worry about that because I care too much about my country. I care a lot more about it than I do Grover Norquist.”

“I’m willing to do the right thing and let the political consequences take care of themselves,” he added.

Watch below, via WMAZ 13:

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