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Fox News: Petraeus Will Testify That He Knew Benghazi Attacks Were Acts Of Terror

Susan Lucci Helpfully Explains The General Petraeus Soap Opera To Stephen Colbert

S.E. Cupp And Sister Campbell Clash Over Whether Gov’t Assistance Has Reduced Poverty

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Asks Panel Who In GOP ‘Should Bend Over First’

S.E. Cupp, Donny Deutsch Share Theories About Obama’s ‘Testosterone’-Fueled Response On Susan Rice

Napolitano: ‘Utter Nonsense’ That POTUS Didn’t Know About Petraeus Affair Until Election Day

Stephen Colbert Takes On Canadian ‘Maplestream Media’s’ Problem With His Book

Sen. John McCain: ‘I Will Do Everything In My Power’ To Block Susan Rice From Being Sec. Of State

FBI Search Reveals Paula Broadwell Kept Classified Information In Her Home

WNYW’s Rosanna Scotto On Petraeus/Allen Scandal: ‘Little General Is Thinking More Than The Big General’

Newt Gingrich Admits To Colbert That He Much Prefers Ham Rove To Karl Rove

Joe Scarborough: I Know, Personally, That Some In DC Knew About Petraeus Investigation ‘3, 4 Weeks Ago’

Laura Ingraham: Eric Holder Is ‘The Fulcrum Of A Lot Of What’s Gone On Over The Last Four Years’

Judge Napolitano Links ‘Government Dependency’ Under Woodrow Wilson And Teddy Roosevelt To Today

Newt Gingrich: Source Tells Me Petraeus Never Blamed Benghazi Attack On Video

Stephen Colbert Tries To Pin Massive Super PAC Spending On Jon Stewart, A Ham

CBS’ Nancy Giles: Maybe White People Are ‘Trying To Eliminate All These Abortions’ To ‘ Build Up The Race’

Man Who Had Romney Logo Tattooed On His Face Reflects: ‘I Shed Blood For This Campaign’

Joe Scarborough Slams FBI’s Handling Of Petraeus Situation: ‘Somebody Needs To Be Fired Here’

Grover Norquist: Problem Is ‘Too Much Spending,’ Not That ‘Peasants Aren’t Sending Enough Money’ To DC

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