Reporter Confronts Official About ‘Photo Op’ Of Smiling Officers With Escapee Cavalcante: Can You Explain How That’s ‘Standard Procedure?’


An image of dozens of police officers surrounding captured fugitive Danelo Cavalcante and smiling for a photo opportunity prompted a reporter to ask if it was “standard procedure” following criticism on social media.

The question came right out of the gate as Pennsylvania authorities held a news conference Wednesday following Cavalcante’s capture.

“With the helicopter over[head], we saw the arrest taking place. There was some criticism about the photo op that was taken with the fugitive. Can you explain how that’s actually a standard procedure, or what’s the reasoning behind the photo op?” the reporter asked.

“You know, I’m aware that there was a photo op that was taken out there,” answered Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police. “Those men and women worked amazingly hard through some very trying circumstances. They’re proud of their work. I’m not bothered at all that they took a photograph with him in custody. Again, they’re proud of their work, they kept the community safe. I say thanks to them and good job.”

The Patriot News reported on critical comments circulating on social media:

Some people online reacted negatively to the footage. “This is so tacky and unprofessional,” one person posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “I’m glad I’m not the only one uncomfortable with this team photo,” another wrote.

Bivens also responded to negative critiques of police methods as it took them nearly two weeks to capture Cavalcante.

“There will always be criticism,” Bivens said, continuing:

There will always be people who think they can do this job better, and they’re entitled to that opinion. What I will tell you is, again, I put my faith in this group of experts and this group of seasoned, law enforcement professionals, the dedicated men and women, not only of the Pennsylvania State Police, but of all of the other partner agencies who went out there every day. I’ll put my money on them any day of the week, and I believe the community supported them and continues to.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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