Trump Reportedly Questioning Fox News’s Loyalty: ‘What the Hell is Going On?’


President Donald Trump is highly concerned with waning support over at Fox News, according to sources of the Daily Beast.

According to three people who have independently spoken with the president about the network in the past month, Trump has repeatedly asked, “What the hell is going on at Fox?” He’s been hounding employees at Fox with the same question, including Sean Hannity.

“I’ve been good to them,” Trump said of the network according to one source. This month alone, the president has repeatedly hit back against the network. And on Tuesday afternoon, Trump called out Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts for covering the protestor at his Jamestown speech Tuesday rather than him (video above).

“The only problem, John, you gave the protester 100% of the time, I don’t care about coverage the last thing I need is coverage. But listen, hey John, 100%, not one word of the speech… didn’t look so good to me…. you gave him 100% you know what that’s okay, you often do that, that’s okay,” the president said.

Last Friday, Trump said Fox News is “at it again” and “so different from what they used to be.”

Earlier this month, he tweeted it was “impossible to believe” Fox News had hired Donna Brazile, and called Shepard Smith Reporting “their lowest rated show.” In the same tweet, he called the Fox News weekend anchors “terrible.”

The president tweeted on July 7 that Fox News had failed in getting the “very boring” Democratic debates, and that they are “loading up” with Democrats and even use “fake unsourced @nytimes” as a source.

“Fox News is changing fast, but they forgot the people who got them there!” Trump said.

Trump has also confided in multiple associates that he believes Rupert Murdoch’s sons are “very liberal” and has asked Fox personalities what they think of the Murdoch kids, and if they can be trusted, according to the Daily Beast.


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