Donny Deutsch Defends the ‘Genuineness’ of Joe Biden’s Hugs: ‘What America Needs Right Now’


Morning Joe has recently been the go-to cable news show for viewers eager to see earnest and faithful defenses of former Vice President Joe Biden, which frequent contributor Donny Deutsch took to a new, almost absurd level Friday morning.

Biden recently released a video in which he acknowledged his public displays of affection made some women feel uncomfortable after several women publicly decried Biden’s alleged crossing boundaries of personal space.

Mika Brzezinski has on numerous occasions called out the accusers, particularly their cowardice in not confronting her “friend” Joe Biden at the time, and publicly called for Biden to continue to hug her affectionately upon next meeting. But Deutsch took his defense of Biden’s behavior to a new, almost “Dear Leader” level.

“This country needs a hug, a metaphorical hug right now,” Deutsch opened. “There’s this weird irony about his hugging people. But the essence of what’s behind it. Mika, you know him personally. Is the genuineness of what a hug is and let’s not lose its of — that’s what this country needs right now, not an invasion of space but a heartfelt hug.”

America needs a hug and Joe Biden is just the guy to do it. It’s not clear if this was a paid political advertisement by Biden 2020, but it was so over the top, even the Biden campaign would likely distance themselves from it.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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