Erin Burnett Calls Out Warren for Trying to Shut Down Report on Sanders: ‘Clearly Leaked by Her Team to CNN…Why Is She Pumping the Brakes Now?’


Erin Burnett called out candidate Elizabeth Warren for trying to shut down media coverage of the story that Bernie Sanders told her a woman couldn’t beat President Donald Trump in 2020, even though “it was clearly leaked by her team to CNN.”

On her Tuesday evening show, just hours before the last Democratic primary debate before the Iowa caucuses, Burnett highlighted what she saw as hypocrisy on the part of Warren campaign for pushing a damaging story about a 2020 rival to her network and then conveniently backing away from it.

“Just 24 hours ago, she owned the story saying I thought a women could win, he disagreed. Pretty black and white and clear,” Burnett noted. “Warren had no problem with this story yesterday. It was clearly leaked by her team to CNN. It was — it came out more than a year after the meeting. It came out on the eve of a debate. Pretty clear she knew about this, she sanctioned everything around it. Why is she pumping the brakes now indicates don’t want to talk about this anymore? We’re all cool.”

“Because this is probably the last thing she wants to talk about Iowans about before they vote,” explained former Clinton campaign adviser Karen Dunn. “She wants to talk about the same things she talks about in every debate which is the issues and the policy differences between herself and her opponents.”

“This story came out yesterday, didn’t come out by accident yesterday, with four sources who know Elizabeth Warren and were familiar with the meeting,” Burnett reiterated. “At some point she thought that was a good strategy. Bernie Sanders denied it and immediately accused her staff of lying and making the whole thing up. Now everyone is trying to act like they don’t want to talk about it. How can Sanders address this story tonight that isn’t saying ‘I didn’t say it’ when he said yesterday he didn’t say it.”

“I think it’s unclear whether or not this was a smart move from the Warren campaign,” noted analyst Nia-Malika Henderson. “It certainly brings up some of the bad blood some folks have toward Bernie Sanders because of what happened in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. But it seems like those people are already with Elizabeth Warren so I don’t know how this moves the dial with Elizabeth Warren other than giving headlines in dinging Bernie Sanders.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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