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Elizabeth Warren

CNN Panelist Stephen Moore Says Elizabeth Warren Is a ‘Cold Fish’

Warren Pummels Ben Carson Over Dining Set, Housing Discrimination: ‘Scandal That Should Get You Fired’

Fox & Friends Ridicules Elizabeth Warren For Deflecting Question on DNA Test: ‘I Guess That’s a No’

Elizabeth Warren Deflects When Asked If She’ll Take DNA Test Over Native American Heritage

Elizabeth Warren: ‘I am Not Running For President in 2020’

Elizabeth Warren Addresses Heritage Claims, Blasts Trump For Andrew Jackson Portrait

Harris Faulkner: Sen. Warren’s Response to Trump’s Gillibrand Tweet ‘Not Elevating the Conversation’

Elizabeth Warren Hits Trump Trying to ‘Slut-Shame’ Gillibrand: ‘Good Luck With That’

Trevor Noah Hits Elizabeth Warren Over Native American Heritage Claim: She Did ‘Something Problematic’

Tucker Carlson Compares Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage Claim to Blackface

Juan Williams Battles Fox Co-Hosts: Trump Finds ‘Political Value’ in Going After People of Color

Navajo Nation President on Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Quip: ‘Inappropriate’ to Use ‘Racial Slur’

Mike Huckabee: Is Disney ‘Racist’ For Making a Billion Dollars from Pocahontas Franchise?

Cuomo Negs Scaramucci During Trump-Warren Sparring Match: ‘You’re a Little Off Your Game’

White House Claims Election Nullifies Sexual Assault Claims, But Trump Dredges up Dems’ Past Scandals

Brit Hume on Pocahontas Controversy: Trump ‘Wasn’t Very Gracious,’ ‘But I Don’t Think It’s Racist’

Don Lemon Rips Trump: ‘Just Because You Say You’re Not Racist Doesn’t Make It So’

Watch Huckabee Sanders Take Rapid-Fire Grilling From Press Over Trump ‘Pocahontas’ Slur

Twitter Melts Down Over Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Remark at Native American Event

Warren Responds to Trump ‘Pocahontas’ Line: Even While Honoring Heroes, He ‘Throws Out a Racial Slur’

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