George Conway’s Band of GOP Malcontents Targets Susan Collins in Scathing Ad: ‘You’re A Senator, Act Like It’


The conservative organization The Lincoln Project — led by lawyer George Conway — released an ad that sets their sights on Senator Susan Collins days before the senator will cast her vote on the articles of impeachment of President Donald Trump by billing the senator from Maine as not being “independent.”


“Senator Susan Collins, you aren’t doing the job we elected you to do,” the minute and a half ad begins.

“While Mainers and the American people demand evidence witnesses and answers to Trump’s corrupt Ukranian scheme, you keep covering for Trump,” the ad states while flashing photos of Sen. Collins and President Trump.

“Oh sure,” the narrator of the ad said, laughing, “you certainly talk a good game, you’re ‘concerned,’ ‘troubled,’ ‘worried.”

“One thing you’re not? Independent.”

“Madam Senator this time a finger wag will not cut it, you’re a senator, act like it. You work for Maine, not Mitch McConnell, because Maine demands independence from our leaders.”

The ad then references Sen. Collins predecessors, Olympia Snowe and Bill Cohen, and challenges Collins not to sully their legacy.

“Mainers demand independence Senator Collins; we want a fair trial in the senate, and honest leadership,” the ad states “So either do your job or Maine will find someone who will.”

The conservative group The Lincoln Project last week ran a similar style ad targeting Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO).

Watch above, via YouTube.

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