Watch: Roundup of Trump Supporters’ Ballot-Counting Protests: ‘Stop the Count!’…’Count the Vote!’


As vote counting continuing for a second day in key battleground states, Trump supporters swarmed election sites in places like Detroit, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona — and offered at-times contradictory messages, depending on whether or not President Donald Trump was leading or trailing in the respective state’s vote total.

MSNBC’s Gadi Schwartz reported a Trump supporter rally at a ballot-counting site in Phoenix, where roughly 200 Trump flag-waving fans yelled and chanted. At one point, as Schwartz made his way through the crowd, they struck up a chorus of “Fox News sucks!” in reference to that network’s early, controversial call of Arizona for Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Election Night, which sent shockwaves through the Trump campaign.

Reporting from Detroit, the New York Times covered a Trump supporter protest that tried to storm a poll-counting site, chanting “stop the count,” as the Biden’s total surged past Trump and, ultimately, led to the challenger winning the state.

The anti-Trump site The Recount put together a split-screen video contrasting the protests — and the conflicting messages — in the two locations. In a side-by-side mash-up, it showed Trump supporters in Michigan trying to shut down vote counting — where Trump was ahead — and ensure more vote counting — where Trump was desperately trying to come from behind.

Watch the videos above, via MSNBC, the New York Times, and The Recount.

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