Kim Jong-Pun: Late Show Hilariously Mocks North Korea Mocking Biden with Fake Ad for ‘Glorious Slams’ Album


The cold open for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday spoofed North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un after state run media in the police state aired what can only be characterized as “burns” on former VP and current leading 2020 candidate Joe Biden.

As they so often do, the parody began with clips from actual news discussing the issue before moving to the mocking. It was two clips about North Korea’s state media mocking Biden after he criticized Kim Jong Un, and included a quote: “He is a fool of low IQ. He is self-praising himself as being the most popular presidential candidate. This is enough to make a cat laugh.”

That weird burn is obviously the genesis of the premise, which is a fake commercial for Kim’s greatest insults.

“Righteous citizens, by now you are aware of my glorious slams on Joe Biden,” it begins, with a woman’s voice acting as translator. “He has been completely dismantled, like our nuclear program, wink wink. For additional burns, check out my new album ‘DM Zingers’ recorded live at Pyong Yuk Yuks.”

The “translator” then reads what are “some of [Kim’s] best burns,” like:

“Bernie Sanders is so filled with age.”
[Audience: How filled with age is he?]
“He is over forty, which is ancient for a North Korean.”

“The undignified one, Elizabeth Warren, possesses nickname ‘Pocahontas’, but she should be named ‘Runs-with-low-poll-numbers.'”

[Audience: Who makes that knock?]
[Audience: Hickenlooper who?]

“The imbecile Cory Booker’s bald head looks in appearance to the top of our missiles. The difference? Only one is headed toward the White House.”

A pretty hilarious bit, definitely with actual, out-loud laughing for those of us with a sense of humor.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CBS.

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