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Kim Jong-un

‘He’s Out With the People’: Fox & Friends Runs North Korean Propaganda, Calls Kim Jong Un ‘Quite the Romantic’

Fox & Friends Tackles News North Korea May Not Be Denuclearizing: ‘Hmm’

Trump Says There’s ‘No Time Limit’ For North Korean Denuclearization: ‘There is No Rush’

Trump Tweets Glowing Post-Summit Letter From Kim Jong Un…Which Doesn’t Mention Denuclearization

Trump: I Have Confidence Kim Jong Un ‘Will Honor the Contract We Signed’ and ‘Our Handshake’

Blunt Warns About Trump’s Summits With Kim Jong Un and Putin: ‘They’re Very Cold-Blooded, Calculating’

Trump Reportedly Gifted Kim Jong Un an Elton John CD Featuring ‘Rocket Man’

Trump on Whether We Believe Kim Jong Un: ‘I Shook Hands With Him, I Really Believe He Means It’

Trump Suggests Negative Media Coverage of North Korea Summit is ‘Almost Treasonous’

Poll: Republican Voters Have a More Favorable View of Kim Jong Un Than Nancy Pelosi

Art of the Deal Co-Author Blasts Trump’s ‘Deranged’ Praise of Kim Jong Un: POTUS ‘Lacks a Soul’

Here Are the 10 Craziest Moments From Trump’s Bonkers 51 Minute Media Blitz

Trump to Reporter: I’ve Been Soft on Kim ‘Because I Don’t Want to See a Nuclear Weapon Destroy You and Your Family’

Trump Praises Kim Jong Un: I Want My People to Treat Me Like North Koreans Treat Him

Trump Reportedly Joked That North Korean State-Run TV Treats Authority Even Better Than Fox News

Sarah Sanders on Trump’s Defense of Kim Jong Un’s Human Rights Abuses: ‘That’s a Factual Statement’

Howard Kurtz: GOP ‘Embraces’ Trump’s Support of Kim Jong Un

CNN’s John Avlon Decodes Trump’s Praise of Kim: ‘Tough’ Really Means ‘Killing a Lot of People’

Morning Joe: Even a Computer Would Conclude Donald Trump Admires Tyrants and Autocrats

Twitter Explodes After Trump Shrugs Off Kim Jong Un’s Savagery: He’s ‘in Awe of a Genocidal Tyrant’

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