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Colbert Mocks Don Jr.’s Alleged Affair: ‘You Know You’re In Trouble When Trump Is Giving You Marriage Advice’

Stephen Colbert Pumps Iron With Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Utterly Surreal Late Show Sketch: ‘Are You Juicing?’

Colbert Revives His Hunger Games Sendoff From The Election in Honor of Rex Tillerson

WATCH: Tom Brady Crushes Stephen Colbert in Beer Chugging Contest

Stephen Colbert Fantasizes About ‘Donald Trump Sex Tape’: ‘Over Two Minutes of Hard Core Action!’

Stephen Colbert Tries to Fill All the Vacant Federal Government Positions

Chris Hayes: I Think WikiLeaks Coordinated Email Dumps In Reaction to The Access Hollywood Tape

Colbert Gives Trump Credit For North Korea: ‘Dennis Rodman is Gonna Get The Nobel Peace Prize’

‘God’ Urges Oprah Winfrey to Run For President on The Late Show

Colbert Announces That James Comey Will Appear on The Late Show Next Month

Stephen Colbert Reacts to the Sam Nunberg Firestorm: ‘Finally! The Smoking Gun… Maybe?’

Stephen Colbert Fires Back at Devin Nunes: ‘He Took The Bait!’

Outnumbered Hosts Knock Devin Nunes for ‘Thin-Skinned’ Response to Being Mocked by Colbert

Devin Nunes Fires Back at Colbert For Mocking Him: ‘Great Example’ of Hollywood Attacking GOP

Colbert Goes to Capitol Hill to Give Congress His Own ‘Memo’: ‘Devin Nunes Is a [REDACTED]’

Colbert Goads Omarosa Into Sharing the ‘White Lies’ Hope Hicks Has Told in Uncut Interview

Omarosa Clarifies Why ‘We’re Not Going to Be Okay’ Under Trump: ‘Immigration And Round Ups’

Colbert Mocks Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance Downgrade: ‘How Will He Fix The Middle East Now?!’

Colbert Defends Decision to Bring Sean Spicer to Emmys: ‘I Actually Felt a Little Bad for Him’

Outnumbered Scolds Noah, Myers, Colbert For Mocking Trump’s Claim He’d Run in to Confront School Shooter

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