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Colbert Rips Mark Zuckerberg For Puerto Rico Virtual Trip: ‘Don’t Go to a Disaster Zone to Push Your Product!’

Colbert on Trump ‘Hating Everyone’ in White House: ‘I Know Exactly How You Feel’

Colbert Mocks Trump: We Thought WWIII Would Be Caused By Artificial Intelligence, Not ‘Natural Stupidity’

Jon Stewart Gives Trump ‘Equal Time’ in Colbert Cameo: He’s…’Not a Cannibal’

Stephen Colbert: ‘If You’re Ever Having Dinner at Harvey Weinstein’s House, Avoid the Fresh Basil’

Colbert Mocks Cam Newton for Losing Dannon Endorsement: ‘Funny Seeing a Male Talk About Yogurt’

Colbert Mocks Trump’s Puerto Rico Visit: ‘You’re at a Disaster Site, Not Working The Floor at Your Casino’

Hannity Slams Lady Gaga, Late Night Hosts For Politicizing Las Vegas Shooting: ‘This Is Beyond Shameful’

Colbert Challenges Trump to Pass ‘Common Sense Gun Control’ After Vegas Shooting

#PuberMe: Colbert and Nick Kroll Call on Celebs to Post Their Awkward Teen Photos For Charity

Colbert Mocks Trump For Falling For Fake Iran Missile Launch: ‘You Have The CIA You Numbnut!’

Colbert on Trump Calling NFL Players SOBs: ‘Should Be a Flag on the Play…a Confederate Flag’

Stephen Colbert Demands North Korea ‘Knock It Off’ With Trump Insults: ‘We Can Do It,’ Not You

Colbert Defends Kimmel’s Right to Talk Politics by Reminding Us of a Certain Reality TV Star

Colbert Pokes Fun at Lawrence O’Donnell By Releasing His Own Meltdown Video: ‘Stop the Drilling!’

Remember When Late Night Talk Shows Were… Entertaining?

The Russians Are Coming! Hillary Clinton Calls Herself ‘Paula Revere’ on Russia Meddling

Hillary Clinton Gives Her Version of a UN Address on The Late Show

Trump Mocks Emmys’ Poor Ratings on Twitter: ‘The Smartest People of Them All Are the “DEPLORABLES”‘

Hannity Slams Hollywood’s ‘Insane, Unhinged Hatred’ For Trump at The Emmys

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