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The Late Show Staff Asks Hillary Clinton Painfully-Scripted Questions… And She Gives Painfully-Scripted Answers

Mika Brzezinski Blames Khashoggi’s Death on Trump For Calling Press ‘The Enemy’: We Won’t Let This Go

Joe Scarborough Predicts Trump Won’t Seek Reelection in 2020: ‘He Didn’t Want To Be Elected President’

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin to Colbert: I Don’t Want to Be ‘Word Police’ But Can’t Allow Liberal Protesters to be Called a ‘Mob’

Colbert Blasts Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Attack on Stormy Daniels: ‘You Heard it Straight From The Horse’s Ass’

Colbert: Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Reveals With ‘High Confidence’ She’s Running For President

Colbert Writer Speaks Out About Tweet Mocking Kavanaugh: ‘I Regret My Tone-Deaf Attempt at Sarcasm’

Colbert Praises CNN For Its Report on Late Show Executive Accused of Misconduct

Colbert Defends Christine Ford From ‘Numbnuts’ Trump: ‘Trauma Survivors Don’t Remember Every Detail’

Eva Longoria: If Trump Asked For My Help, I Would Say ‘Yes’

Jake Tapper Calls For More Female Voices Amid Kavanaugh Coverage: ‘We’d Heard From Men Enough’

Colbert Announces Trump-Mocking Book to Help Raise Money for Hurricane Relief

Colbert Scorns Kavanaugh: Trump Had ’19 Credible Allegations’ Against Him, So ‘Save Your Indignation’

Candice Bergen Dishes to Colbert About Her Date With Trump: ‘I Was Home Very Early’

Candice Bergen: Murphy Brown ‘Wouldn’t Have Come Back’ If Trump Hadn’t Won The Election

Colbert Slams CNN’s Jim Acosta For His ‘D*ck Move’ at Trump Press Conference: ‘We Get It, You’re Woke’

America Ferrera Talks Political Activism, Touts Friendship with Linda Sarsour

Colbert Condemns Protestors Who Confronted Ted Cruz at Restaurant: ‘This is Not Helpful, Don’t Do This’

Hillary Clinton: I Don’t Understand What’s Happened to the GOP, ‘Why Are They So Intimidated?’

Hillary Clinton Calls For FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Allegation: It’s a ‘Fair Request’

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