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Colbert: Giuliani’s Collusion Remarks So Shocking ‘He Shocked Himself’

Colbert: Trump’s the Dog Pelosi Won’t ‘Let Into the House’ Because ‘He’s Going to Poop Everywhere’

Trump Gets Grilled About ‘Pee-Pee Tape’ By McDonalds Mascot Grimace in Late Show Cold Open

Colbert Rips Trump: ‘A Man With an Orange Face and Cotton Candy Hair’ Should Not Call Bezos a Bozo

Colbert Says Rep. King is Caustic Like Bleach: ‘They Both Want to Turn Everything White’

Watch Kamala Harris Nodding Her Head Yes While Saying She ‘Might’ Run for President

Colbert Mocks Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer: ‘Direct-to-DVD Addams Family’ Dems

Watch: Colbert Destroys Trump’s Oval Office Speech With Hilarious ‘Bird Box’ Parody

Stephen Colbert Swipes at Own Network For Airing Trump Speech: ‘Tune Into CBS to See B.S.’

Stephen Colbert Slams Tucker Carlson: ‘He’s Nothing If Not a Little Racist Who Could’

Rep. Adam Schiff: If Michael Cohen Will Go to Jail, Then Why Shouldn’t Trump?

Stephen Colbert Rips Trump For Flynn Tweet: ‘Witness-Tampering in Real Time’

Colbert Roasts Trump For Calling Michael Cohen a ‘Rat’: That’s How ‘Innocent People Always Describe Their Accusers…’

Stephen Colbert Recruits Bryan Cranston, Laura Linney, and More for the Wildest Christmas Movie of the Season

Colbert Rips Trump for Nixing Press Christmas Party: ‘You Get a Merry Suck It,’ Acosta

Colbert Turns Frosty into a Climate-Denying Snowman With a Red MAGA Hat in Cartoon Spoof

Stephen Colbert Has Prison Advice for Michael Cohen: Find the ‘Biggest Guy in the Yard’ and Pay Him $130,000

Trump Definitely Won’t Like This Colbert Joke About His Lack of an Erection

Colbert Somehow Makes Pence’s Oval Office Mannequin Act Even Funnier

Stephen Colbert Throws His Hat in the Ring to Be Trump’s New Chief of Staff

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