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Colbert Asks ‘What Have We Become?’: We’re ‘Champing at the Bit’ For Stories of Trump’s ‘Naked’ Body

Cynthia Nixon Trashes NY Gov. Cuomo on Colbert, Dismisses Trump Comparisons

Colbert Mocks Trump For Reported Nikki Haley Tensions: He ‘Accidentally Appointed Someone Competent’

Colbert Presses Comey About Classified Document on Loretta Lynch: ‘That’s an Odd Poison Pill’

Comey Reacts To Fox News’ Chris Wallace Calling His Book ‘Bitchy’ For Trump Insults

James Comey Mocks Trump’s Twitter Attacks Against Him: ‘I’m Like a Breakup He Can’t Get Over’

WATCH: Colbert Shows Comey a Clip of Late Show Crowd Cheering His Firing

Stephen Colbert to Comey: Were You Surprised When ‘Mob Boss’ Trump Had You ‘Whacked’?

Colbert Roasts Hannity For Not Disclosing That Michael Cohen Was His Lawyer: ‘This is CRAZY!’

The Late Show Creates Hilarious Mash-Up of Sean Hannity Admitting Cohen Connection

Colbert Mocks GOP’s ‘Lyin Comey’ Campaign: ‘Trump Already Used That Name on Ted Cruz!’

Colbert Doesn’t Support Impeaching Trump: Don’t Think It’s ‘That Great of an Idea’

Colbert Bids Farewell to Paul Ryan: Republicans Are With You… ‘I Mean Leaving Office in November’

Colbert Mocks Tucker Carlson For ‘Sex-Crazed’ Pandas Report: He ‘Stole My Bit!’

Madeleine Albright Dings Obama For Inaction on Syria: I Wished ‘Red Line’ Was Followed Through

Stephen Colbert Piles On CNN For Mistakenly Calling The Late ShowSNL‘: ‘Fake News!’

Dana Carvey Lampoons Incoming National Security Advisor John Bolton on The Late Show

Colbert Hits Trump For Reportedly Saying Stormy Daniels Isn’t His Type: ‘What Kind of Defense is That?!’

Sean Penn Says Parkland Students Might Make Him Write Fewer Dystopian Novels

Colbert: Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes Interview Got Bigger Ratings Than Trump’s, ‘That’s Gotta Sting’

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