New Details On Bachelor Pad 3 Finalist Chris Bukowski’s Upcoming ‘Ladies-Style’ Sports Bar

Oh ho ho. Remember that “ladies-style” sports bar Bachelor Pad 3’s Chris Bukowski is fixing to open with a couple bros from the show? (Aside: three reality dating show guys opening up a sports bar for girls? Why didn’t this brilliance occur to us?) Well, at last night’s finale viewing party he hosted, which also tripled as a birthday party/press conference for the new resto, he doled out a few precious deets that ladies everywhere (and by that, we mean ladies in Washington, DC, where he plans to open) can look forward to.

First of all, the establishment isn’t going to be like, offensively girly or anything. “You’re not going to walk into the restaurant, and it’s not going to be like everything is going to be pink,” he assures. “It’s really going to cater to women as far as the food is concerned.”

Uh, okay. Translation about how food caters to women in your eyes, Chris?

“It’s not going to be your traditional bar food, it will be a step up. Definitely small plates that you go to tapas restaurant, Italian, Greek, we’ll even throw a Polish dish in there.”

However can we thank you, Mr. Bukowski, for such benevolence. We’ve been aching for Polish tapas so.

Look, guys. For serious, Chris is going to level with you:

“I don’t think women need a sports bar, but I do think women need a place to go where they can and have affordable food and have a very casual setting. If women are there, men are going to show up. Women would rather watch The Bachelorette than sports, the majority of them, I would say. Maybe.”

We aren’t even going to say anything about the assessment that women will choose The Bachelorette over sports; we’re just going to let you have at it in the comments. We release you!


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